Year in Review

Jul 30, 2012 by


It’s hard to believe, but Old 67 has been around for a little over a year now.  It’s been a pretty great ride so far, and we have all of you to thank.   So…Thank You!

This all started around 8 years ago when joined by a common love of Baseball we started our first blog.  It was rough, we were green, and we usually came to a grinding halt around September/October when our day jobs would take over and our blog would fall by the way side.  It had been a few years since our last attempt when we started talking about it again.  We’d both continued to write –whether it was in our notebooks or for someone else’s website or publication.  I left my day job but Matt and I remained friends, getting together on the occasional Tuesday to drink more than we should and talk about everything under the sun.  Inevitably, in between the music, sports and books, we would always return to writing.  I was working for a web developer at the time, so the tools were all there to make it happen again.  We agreed to focus on sports, but this time we wouldn’t pigeonhole ourselves.  We looked to those that had entertained and inspired us, who made us want to write, whether it was about sports, music, books, TV, culture or the occasional bat infestation.

What we found was while sports had been our common ground; we had a whole lot more to talk about.  I also found out how much Matt likes Tennis.  He likes it A LOT; and while sports still make up a good percentage of our posts, we hope we present them to you in a way different than what you get anywhere else.  We also hope while you’re reading about Lebron James, the Triple Crown, or Roger Federer; you take some time to wander around the site and see what else we have going on, whether it’s the comeback tour of Jeff Mangum, a father overdosing his daughter, a hapless detective hot on the trail of Pascual Perez, or the most recent genius to spring from the mind of our very own Spider McQueen.

While this all might sound like a bunch of self-congratulatory blow jobbing (maybe it is, so what, who wouldn’t blow themselves if they could?), it begs the question – “What’s next for Old 67?”

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming year and beyond.  We will continue to add more contributors with diverse opinions and viewpoints;  we have really enjoyed working with Wes Money, “Cousin” Alex Allister, Rob Fitzgerald, Ian Brett, Kellin Zona, Barclay Jones, and of course Spider McQueen.  We hope to receive even more posts from them as well as some new folks.

In addition to contributions from old friends and new, we would like to take this moment to introduce something we are extremely geeked about:  67 Press, a new Alternative Press focusing on publishing talented authors on society’s fringe.  Our goal is creating a collective in which we work hand in hand to create a finished product that satisfies the artist and appeals to the same kinds of people that read our site – you guys.

You’ll be hearing more about it in the coming months, whether its logo creation, book covers, or Kickstarter pleas for funds.  We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re hoping you all will help us through the next phase as well.

Thanks again for reading our stuff and keeping us motivated to do more!


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