Welcome Vincent Matthew Ankerson

May 15, 2012 by


9:49 PM on a Monday seems as good a time as any for the newest Ankerson to be brought into the world.  Dad was appropriately donned in trucker cap and Mom is thankful there is once again a margarita in her near future.

We all know that Matt is better at writing the sentimental stuff, but he can’t really do that right now, can he?  So it’s up to me.

Matt and Caroline already know the Joys of Parenting, and from what I hear, having another doubles those joys (I wouldn’t know, my wife and I made a decision early on that we were far too lazy to take on a second child, we’re happy with our one, thankyouverymuch).  While I might not know what it’s like to have multiple munchkins running around the house, talking nonstop and eating all my food, I do know that Matt and Caroline will handle it just fine.

In fact, their two children have the opportunity to grow up in a level of diversity not often seen in our little neck of the woods.   They will be exposed to almost every sport our country has to offer (even soccer), a wide variety of books (not all of them sports related), music, fashion and food.  They’ll eat one grandmother’s homemade Italian food and the other grandmother’s homemade fried chicken.  They’ll see minor league baseball games right down the street from their house, and have no shortage of Hello Kitty.  They’ll witness tolerance of others while still being equipped to dish out a good snarky comment when called for.  They’ll hear liberals and conservatives tell each other the right way to do things.  They’ll be princes and princesses, they’ll fight dragons and the Yankees, they’ll play guitar and bang pots and pans, and they’ll most definitely be tall.

Congratulations Matt and Caroline, and welcome to the world Vinny – it’s not always easy living on this big planet of ours, but you’ve got a good start and a big sister to pull you along through it.

You’re dad’s got pretty good taste in music, and I’m sure he’s got your newborn playlist all worked up and ready to go, so I’ll give you a song you might not hear from him, one I played for my son shortly after he was born.  There’s a verse that’s good to keep in mind as you make your journey through life:

If your heart is a flame burning brightly
You’ll have light and you’ll never be cold
And soon you will know that, you just grow
You’re not growing old


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  1. Malorie


  2. Ali

    Congratulations, Caroline & Matt, and welcome Baby Vincent!! Nice post, Alan, you big softie…

  3. Doug

    Congratulations Ankersons!!! I can already picture V-Zone (his baseball nickname) pitching no hitters at Fenway.

  4. jan ankerson

    Thank you Alan for your sweet welcome to my new grandson. This has been an especially poignant and emotional week for me…Matthew’s extraordinary beautiful Mother’s Day letter, the birth of our newest addition to the Ankerson family, Vincent Matthew, and now your lovely message. You certainly captured the spirit and soul of Caroline and Matthew. You have a wonderful gift and I have enjoyed reading your journalistic talent. I do hope our paths cross one of these days…in the meantime…my heart continues to burn brightly.

    Mattthew’s Mom

  5. Donna Comolli

    Such a touching ode to motherhood, my eyes filled with tears and my heart with pride for your parents. Congratulations to you and Caroline on the birth of your son! Hugs and kisses to Cora…..having dinner with Mom Friday evening!

  6. Caroline Ankerson

    Alan, thank for such a sweet tribute to our very sweet son. He is such a wonderful gift and blessing to our family. I feel very fortunate that I get the experience of raising a daughter and a son.

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