Walk on Down the Hall: A Meditation on The End

Oct 31, 2013 by

We’d like to introduce our newest contributor: S.T. Strelitz
S.T. Strelitz is an MA student at the University of Central Florida. She has been writing — on napkins, on the back of her hand, in Moleskines, etc — since she was a pre-teen. She is intrigued by the human imagination, and this interest spurs her writing.

1.  like a frog on a lily pad, sitting contemplatively
(“dreaming back thru life, Your time – and mine accelerating”)

2.  oh, cruel and causeless life
(yitgal v’yidka––they were not ready)

3.  the birds’ chirpchirpchirp > the mechanical whirring of the pool-pump motor

4.  rooftops like that at 34th st stir up sweet memories
(when they were here)

5.  did they hear Black running after them?
(quickly catching up as always)

6.  the constant whirwhirwhir soothes me, but the orangeish-yellowy sounds of the sun’s rays interrupts these thoughts

7.  and also, the sun’s orangey-yellowish rays exhilarate me
(faintly whispered, “you breath in the Nile”)

8.  ¡rumination energizes and intensifies everything again!

9.  bend + sit = easy
(ultimately, he1 couldn’t
but he2 was spritely…and then he jumped)

10.  he1 catapulted me into the air–––::splash::
(playing The Little Mermaid)

11.  in my heart, i know that one day – chus v’chalila, pe pe pe – we will all be as generous as he2 was

12.  shema Israel, Adonai Elohainu, Adonai echad
(“strange now to think of you gone”)

13.  it plays with my hair and dries the tears off m’cheeks
(“work of the Merciful Lord of Poetry”)

14,  awesome Blue soars – expansive, boundless
(there they are)

15.  to their female soulmates, a meditation on the End
(chirp chirpchirp chirp chirpchirp chirp (it’s them))

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