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My little brother reported to camp last weekend at Wisconsin Lutheran College and his hammys are already feeling it.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the smell of football is in the air.  Gruesome two-a-days are in full swing.  Fantasy football drafts are almost here.  Fans are planning weekend trips to watch their favorite teams.  ESPN has already shown footage of Brett Favre coaching high school football.  If your favorite MLB team is already out of the pennant race (cough…Brewers), you’re even more excited for football this fall.  Plain and simple, Chris Berman is ready to dominate another NFL season!

The Manning Boys – Peyton or Eli?  Peyton is arguably one of the greatest regular season quarterbacks of all-time, but little bro has knocked off Tom Belichick or Bill Brady, or whatever you want to call the Patriots twice, giving him two Super Bowl rings.  Bet he flaunts those off on the Manning family vacations…

I think Peyton is motivated and for his sake, and the NFL’s, I truly hope his neck holds up and he performs like the Peyton of old.  I expect the Broncos to have a great year.  Last year when they went to Foxboro I don’t think many players honestly believed in their hearts they were going to beat the Patriots with a young Tim Tebow.  With Peyton under center I expect their team to believe and play at a very high level.

Little bro has been sensational in his two Super Bowl appearances.  Eli also has two huge playoff wins at Lambeau Field, one of which I almost froze to death (2008 NFC Championship Game – although the outcome stunk the experience was well worth the $400 dollar ticket).  Peyton has always received credit for being the better quarterback but Eli’s clutch big game gene and two rings makes a great family debate.

Oh yeah, let the Manning commercials begin.

Drama Queens – Will Randy Moss or Terrell Owens be the first to complain to his teammates/coach/media this year?  I will give Randy Moss tails and Terrell Owens heads – 50/50.  Honestly, I hope they stick to catching touchdowns and showcasing their aged talent.  They get to play each other twice this year so we can only hope one of them treats viewers to a fun touchdown celebration.  Maybe Chad Johnson will get picked up by the Cardinals or Rams and then we would have all three within the same division.  Now that sounds like some potential fireworks in the making.

The Cleveland Browns – Yeahhhh…Lets not waste our time!  Alright, alright their preseason showings are giving Browns’ fans some hope…well false hope if you ask me.  They play in the same division as the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals all of which made the playoffs last year.  Maybe the old rookie under center will perform enough miracles with the help of the freakishly talented Trenton Richardson to compete for a playoff bid, but I definitely would not bet on that.

The Cheeseheads – Two years ago they win the Super Bowl being a wild card.  Last year they go 15-1 and lose their first playoff game.  The verdict is out on the Pack this year.  Mr. Rodgers is arguably the best overall player in the NFL.  He does not turn the ball over and he puts points on the board.

Will the defense show up in 2012?  Packer fans seem to be in two different boats heading into the season.  The confident fans realize they will have Aaron Rodgers for four quarters (why preseason results are close to worthless) and that alone should be enough to win plenty of games.  The questioning fans are worried about the defense once again.

Both sides make sense, but even with a bad defense last year the Packers won 15 games, but to head back to the Super Bowl the defense will have to vastly improve.  The awesome part about Packer fans is whether they go 0-16 or 16-0, Lambeau Field will be absolutely jammed pack!  After winning any championship a sports player or owner will stand on the podium and thank “the greatest fans in the world.”  When someone within the Packers’ organization says this, it might actually be true.  Packer fans are 100% passionate; there is simply no doubt about it!

Luck or RGIII – The two young promising NFL quarterbacks are getting thrown right into the fire.  Andrew Luck has the precision and moxy franchises look for in the leader of the offense.  RGIII is flat out skilled in multiple facets.  It will be a treat to watch these two for years to come.  No one should be surprised if either has his team in playoff contention this year, they are that good.

Tim Tebow – just watch ESPN…dudes on there 24/7.  What position is he going to play for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets?  Within my fantasy league, one of the guys kept Mark Sanchez (14th rounder, two QB league, and you have to keep at least one player from rounds 10-16) and daily gets attacked from others within the league about how bad Sanchez is and that Tebow will take over for him…the attacks are all in good fun of course.   Who knows what the slimmed down Rex Ryan will have in store for Mr. Tebow in 2012?

Bold Prediction – I believe Tony Romo is going to be the MVP this year based purely on a gut feeling.  Two important pieces will have to fall into place for this to occur:  1) I believe the Cowboys defense will be much improved and won’t blow games like last year.  This will help contribute to more wins, thus more spotlight for the QB; 2) It will also take a healthy Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Jason Witten.  Witten’s spleen is already a possible roadblock.  Dez needs to behave himself and not join the Drama Queens listed above.  Personally, I do not see Romo putting up quite the gaudy stats of Brees, Brady or Rodgers but with a great season and some Cowboy wins the media will reward the often criticized Romo.  Maybe I have this feeling because he is one of my fantasy football keepers and I am just trying to be optimistic, but nonetheless I see #9 doing big things this year!

So, another fall brings another pee-wee, high school, college and NFL football season.  I hope you all get to watch your favorite football team win plenty of games this season.  I encourage you to attend some big time games with electric atmospheres.  In the great state of Wisconsin, I promise you Camp Randall will be rocking out to, “Jump Around,” after the 3rd quarter ends.  High school football will dominate Friday nights, the pee-wee level will play Saturday mornings on the torn up high school field from the night before and DIII college football will be rampant across the state on Saturday afternoons.  From the pee-wee ranks all the way to the Packers, Wisconsin loves its football!  Have some football fun this fall everyone!  #OnWisconsin

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