The State of the Union

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With apologies to Kurt Vonnegut

I demand to be entertained every single moment of the day. 

                                                              I am a restless uniformed critic. 

      My daily diet consists of ingesting gobs of easily accessible information so I may shit it out to my faceless cohorts. 

         I make something out of nothing. 

         I yell loudest when I fail to notice the hypocrisy. 

         I make my world less complicated by implementing a black and white narrative. 

I will see how it affects my life and if I conclude that it has no bearing; I will then in a grandiloquent manner piece together a fable of how it will disrupt my comforts. 

I respect anyone who can inform me of the villain. 

          I am always running late to nowhere therefore my time is precious so I bump reflection. 

                       I will surround myself with those I thinly relate to so I may effortlessly detract individualism. 

I discredit the humanist; they shall be disposed by way of vast neglect and disdain.

                        I find the crack in the foundation built on tolerance and jam a spike in it.

                                                                        My patience is paper thin; I will not delay gratification.

I cannot and will not accept any diatribe from the opposition. 

I subscribe with moxie of that what I can’t comprehend with harsh judgment and mask it with malicious contempt.

If I am proven incorrect I will summon those who presented to me my defective thoughts.

I will aggressively prolong my adolescence.

I relish in the thought of controlling my own destiny but I will gladly compromise not to act.

My fragile interior is why I decided not to stand up for you.

I see only the now; I welcome your ideas but we will not implement any that need to incubate.

I want that thing people tell me about.

My credit is what I treasure most; I strive to impress those who may extend it.

I want to remain loyal to someone or something but I am a realist.

       Technology has made my life unmanageable but I crave the opportunity to be on display. 

I find it rewarding only when I pass on a perception to the uninformed and pay out my share to the nonparticipants.

I do not trust myself during times of isolation.

To be persuaded is cowardly therefore I will not listen.

I avoid the path of any situation that leads to my vulnerability.

I will be the first to take credit.  Speed over substance continually wins out. 

                                                                                          My motivation is a desire to be labeled.   

Aggression and intimidation are still our only sensible options.

                My pride is spurred on by my arrogance. 

                                My acclaim just happens to be a bit tardy.

Right before for I fell asleep each night is when I begin to worry about my insignificance.  Then my illusion appears and I sleep warmly.

I must enforce my interests on the impressionable so I may remain relevant.

I will not bore you with honesty.  My wish is that others are respectful enough to do the same.

My anger ignites when I am inconvenienced.  I sort out my agitation through a typed critique.  My hopes rest on the recipients to interpret it the way I intended.

To gain prosperity is wrought with challenges.  I must not rule out a way to achieve with very little or no effort.

                 I can justify my overly sensitive reactions to those who challenge my world view.

                 I am confused more often than ever before but in lieu of questions I assume.

I am fond of the leader who has the guts to never second guess themselves, who lack uncertainty, possess the ability defy those who may question, and remain unabashed by the results of their decision.

                                                                                                                                I will bend a rule to service my interests but will fall in line when it’s advantageous to the unacquainted.

                                                                     I am what matters.

                                                                                                                                                                (I am afraid.)

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