The Corpse of the Monster Under My Bed

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We’ve been a little preoccupied lately…so much so we haven’t gotten around to announcing the winner of our July Prompt contest.  Now that things have settled down a bit, we will get back to our regular scheduled programming.  We’ll start the contests back up in September.

Today, however, I am pleased to present “The Corpse of the Monster Under My Bed” by Glenn Garner.  If you remember, our prompt for July was rebellion.  The prompt entries are always fun to read, but this one embraced the concept better than any other.  We hope you enjoy, we get the feeling Glenn enjoyed writing it…


The Corpse of the Monster Under My Bed

Glenn Garner

The corpse of the monster under my bed was stinking up my bedroom. I didn’t mind the stench, it represented when last I actually cared about anything. When I slayed the old beast, it represented a time when my beliefs were black and white. I know now I never knew anything even though my life has always been dedicated to knowing everything.

When I killed it, I thought I was performing a public service. I actually believed slaying a public menace could do something to benefit society. What a rube. I saw all the bile and vitriol it spewed and all I could think was: “If only I could kill that fucking thing, I might be a hero.”

So I dodged and parried, and finally brought the beast to its knees. I relished watching it bleed out and die. I reveled in its death and supped deeply from the draught of its sacrificed life. To this day, I’m glad it is dead.

It bothers me sometimes when I realize the beast is the burden of my past…the refuse of the lies that I used to believe. That poor, dead, noble creature did stand for something, though. Once.

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