Settling with the Man: Part Three

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“Hey!” he screams to Perry, “Your bitch ran off through the pro-shop! She gone!”


“We gotta go, I gotta get after her! The Man say she got all his money still, and she plans to run off with some motherfucker! Come on!”

Perry, panicking, rips off his bowling shoes, and puts back on his regular shoes. Isaac, smirking with fascination, watches him patiently. When Perry is ready, he resumes his expression of terror and the two of them run out of the bowling alley and into Perry’s car.

The tires squeal as Perry peals out onto the road.

“Where do you think she went?” Perry asks.

“Back toward the city. Go back to downtown.”

Perry weaves the car in and out of traffic, getting back downtown in fifteen minutes.

“Turn here at this intersection,” Isaac says, pointing ahead and to his right. Perry, feeling his heart beating up against his ribcage, turns right at the intersection and is forced to stop. Traffic is backed up for six blocks ahead of them. Perry and Isaac observe the two lanes of red tail lights, and Perry brings his head back against the headrest and sighs.

“She’s fuckin gone, man,” he says, “She fuckin split without me.”

“Why would that be?” Isaac asks, reaching behind him into the waistband of his pants.

“She said she was gonna fuckin take me, man. She said she loved me. She’s such a bitch. It’s so fucked up, man, it’s like, just fucked up as hell.”

“Alright, calm down. Calm your shit down, and we’ll figure this out. Where was you and her plannin on goin exactly?”

“I dunno, some fuckin tropical place, man. To get some sun and catch some waves, I’d get to fuck that beautiful body a hers on the beach. It was gonna be great.”

“And you was plannin to get there on The Man’s dime?”

Perry turns and looks at him, eyes black and swirling with fear, “Listen, I’m sorry we didn’t cut you in, it’s just…we didn’t know how you’d react. I know you love workin for The Man.”

“You went and stole from the Man? You went and fucked over the Man? What was the point? Why’d you do it? What the fuck were you thinkin?”

Perry looks back at traffic. The cars haven’t moved an inch since they’ve turned onto the intersection.

“We ain’t goin nowhere for a while,” Isaac says, “So you might as well answer me.”

Perry looks back at him, “Okay…When I got together with Jenni, she told me about how her dad used to hit her, he used to beat the shit out of her, man, with like…a fuckin paddle, or his belt.  He raped her, even, alright? And that fuckin pissed me off. It should piss any decent person off. And Jenni told me how she wanted revenge, and the only way she could make him understand that it was revenge was to take the only thing she knows he gives a flying fuck about. That being, his dough. So Jenni robbed him blind, and split off to Tokyo, then she got on a plane and went to Switzerland, where she opened an account, put the cash she stole, like 25 mil, in the account, went back to Tokyo, and now she’s home. So, at some point in this little situation of ours, she fuckin flipped on me. I don’t know when, and I sure as fuck don’t know why. But now, you and me gotta square things. We gotta make things right with the Man, and…shit, we may as well kill this bitch, just to get her off my conscience. What d’ya say, Isaac? You gonna help me with this shit? You gonna help me get right with the Man?”

Isaac looks down at his lap. He reaches into his pocket, takes out his pack of cigarettes, takes one out, and lights it. He, with the patience of a Monk, takes the cigarette out from in between his lips and blows smoke towards the dashboard. Now he turns his head back towards Perry, whose lip is quivering.

“You wanna know, what I said to you in Japanese earlier? At the café?”

Perry’s hands are shaking, “I don’t think this is the right time…”

“Do you wanna know…what I said to you in Japanese earlier?”

Perry closes his eyes. As if he knows. He says, “Okay.”

Isaac takes a silenced pistol out from the waistband of his pants, and shoots Perry through the head. Isaac unbuckles his seatbelt and leans over to the corpse and whispers, “I said, The Man sent me today to kill you in response to what you been doin with Jenni.”

Isaac puts the car in park, gets out, and walks down the sidewalk from the direction they drove from. A brand new red Cadillac pulls up and parks in front of him. Isaac gets in the backseat.



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