Settling with the Man: Part Four

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Isaac looks at the Man, sitting next to him in the backseat. He wears blue-tinted sunglasses to hide his eyes. He has a blonde, though graying, goatee, and has short blonde and gray hair atop his head. He’s dressed in a white suit, with a black tie, and sits with his legs crossed, showing off the blue dress shoes that match his glasses. The Man is older, around fifty, and has a plain, hard face. A long, pointed nose, skinny, unnoticeable lips, and perfectly crooked green teeth in his mouth.

The Man studies Isaac for a moment with a look of indifference, then back out at the city.

“It’s done, then?”

“Yes sir,” Isaac says tentatively.

“Good. My number one man. My number…one…man. The one that I trust, in times most dire.”

Isaac is silent.

“You know somethin Isaac?”

“What’s that sir?”

“It shocks my very bones that you were not able to prevent this atrocity sooner.”

“I’m sorry sir, but…”

“But what?” The Man snaps his head around and looks sharply at him, “You have some sort of explanation for me?”

“I believe I do.”

“Well go ahead.”

Isaac looks down at his lap and clears his throat.

“Your daughter, Jenni, was in fact, conceived of your flesh? Yes?”

Isaac watches the Man’s gaze narrow beneath the subtle tint of the sunglasses.

“Yes,” the Man says.

“Then would it be true to say dat, because she your blood, she was clever enough to commit such atrocities, and she is perfectly able to outsmart a simple workin man like myself?”

The Man nods, “It’s entirely possible. I didn’t really look at it like that. Which, admittedly, is an irresponsible way to lead an organization. I should’ve seen it that way, Isaac, and for that, I sincerely apologize. I should never have suspected that a simple workin man like you would be able to get on a fuckin plane, and follow a bitch, to Switzerland!”

Isaac is silent.

“Whether or not she is my daughter is irrelevant! You fucked up! How am I supposed to get the money back, Isaac? How! It’s in a fuckin Swiss bank account! That shit is gone!”



“I believe,” Isaac says, “That I have that answer for ya.”

The Man pauses and breathes. He looks Isaac over, who’s breathing heavy himself, and sweat has begun to run down his forehead.

“Well go on then.” The Man says.

“Jenni gave Perry the account number. I saw her slide dat shit right over to him while they was both sittin there up on top at the bowlin alley. It’s in his coat pocket.”

“Well why didn’t you acquire it before you exited the vehicle?”

Isaac shrugs, “The heat of the moment. Murder. All that.”

The Man nods and looks out the window again, “Very understandable. The heat of the moment is a very logical reason that a professional killer would act like such a chickenshit.”

“I apologize, sir. This situation has been a mess since you put me on it.”

“Indeed it has,” now he looks back to Isaac and continues, “More than a few people, Isaac, have tried to fuck with the Man. They try their best to, to avoid me, at all costs. They try to run, they try to hide, and at times, they try to steal from me. They do their best to keep away, because God forbid I ever come to the door to collect. They all act like me comin and knockin, is the worst thing that could ever happen to them. And it’s bullshit. I just want a little somethin for me, I need somethin from the people, in order to keep this life goin, in order to keep everybody comfortable. The whole world, Isaac, everybody, they all need me, and they don’t even know that they do. So they run their mouths off. People say the nastiest shit about me. And they don’t even realize that without me, they’d be barbarians. Those who try to cross me, entitled pricks like Jenni and Perry, think they can just take, spit in my face, and run off. They think that they have no need for The Man. But let me tell you, in most cases, shit, in every case, the people who spit in The Man’s face, are the ones who need me the most. So be weary of me, love me, and understand, that I am necessary. Deviants will be discarded. And that, Isaac, is why I have you….Now, you’re gonna get out at this next block here, and you’re gonna walk your stupid ass back down the road, into that traffic jam I manufactured for you, and you’re gonna fetch me the account number in Perry’s coat pocket. Are we clear?”

Isaac nods.

“Good. Thank you.”

The Man goes quiet, looking out the window, at his world. And with what he sees, he is seldom pleased.



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