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If you’ve been reading Old 67, and I know you have, you know we don’t shy away from controversy.  Whether its our deep and abiding concern regarding the suits worn by draft hopefuls, our inspiring stand on Beer drinking in the spring, or our near unanimous belief that the Beatles are in fact better than the Stones, you know that we really put our necks on the line for what we believe in.

Sometimes, when you’re down in the trenches fighting for your ideals, you forget about the people who helped you get there: the ones who support you through thick and thin, helping buy the beer we love so much, the folks who fund trips to the Dominican Republic to track down an obscure figure from our past, and even the ones who paid us to listen to bands we don’t like – just to make sure we really don’t like them.

That’s right, I’m talking about our Sponsors.  If you like visiting our site (or even if you don’t), please take the time to stop by our Sponsors’ websites.  Through them, you can find the answers for many of your needs.  Bat infestation? No problem, we have a sponsor to remedy that.  Children’s birthday party coming up?  We know someone who can get you a clown, easy as pie.  Want to become a pastor, or perhaps order a Russian Bride?  We’re pretty sure you’ll find what you need by clicking on one of those ads you see leading into, and out of, each article we post.  We ask you to visit them because we care.  We care about you, we care about our sponsors, and most importantly, we care about caring.

Thank you for your Support.

The team at Old 67

PS. – We promise to spend any money we raise on ourselves and the site.  We will not spend a dime on any political campaign or cause, no matter how worthy it might be.

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