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Every year the Pushcart Press honor authors from small literary presses around the world through their Pushcart Prize Anthology.   Started in 1976 by Bill Henderson and a cast of founding editors that included the likes of Ralph Ellison, Paul Bowles and Joyce Carol Oates, the “Prize” has set out to “recognize and celebrate the best work in the rapidly expanding independent publishing movement.” As the founder Bill Henderson says, “Pushcart Press is a testament to the non-commercial flourishing of American fiction, poetry and essays.”

Sounds right up our alley, doesn’t it?

We’re honored to have 6 nominations this year, all from our anthology, The Salmagundi. While we love all of the stories and authors who appear in the book, we feel these six are great representations of exactly what 67 Press is about.  Whether it’s Spider McQueen regaling us with harrowing tales from the dark side of the party, or Donald George Losey telling an ever familiar story of love gone wrong, only with crocodiles; the stories cover a wide range of human emotion and circumstance with characters whose voices are as unique as the authors who bring them to life.

So, without further ado, the 67 Press Pushcart nominees are:

The Tale of the Pink Walrus and the Wonderland Van Escape – Spider McQueen

The Unorthodox and Eccentric Detour of the Teenage Dream – Spider McQueen

Jake and Leroy Had a Fight – Jim Doering

The Joke – Barclay Jones

The Incident – Michael Cooper

The Alchemist – Donald George Losey


Interested in seeing what all the fuss is about?

Purchase the Salmagundi here and read it!

Check out what the Pushcart Prize is all about.

Read the Salmagundi already? Then do your part and leave a review telling everyone how awesome it is!

We’ve been busy at 67 Press, more announcements coming your way in the coming days and weeks…



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