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Riding the Circus Wheel

The NCAA College Football National Championship will once again decide nothing.  The only thing this championship accomplishes is that on January 10th, in bars across America, there will be empty arguments about why there is no playoff system.  I know, I’ve written extensively about college football and how its popularity perplexes me.  I know the answer now-American’s enjoy watching football.  Whether its Pop Warner, high school, college, or NFL, people love heading to the fields or to the couch to watch it being played.  It is that simple.

So why fix college football?  I am beginning to wonder that myself.  Whether Alabama and LSU are the two best teams in the country isn’t the argument.  The problem is that the BCS computer program removes the conventional thought of a season and determining an inarguable champion.  In competitive sports, the regular season determines the elite, who then match up in a playoff to determine a champion.  Simple and clear.  Makes sense to any fan of sport or even to those who could care less.  What the BCS did, and to be honest how college football has been run since its inception went against any traditional way of determining a champion.

Fine then.

What confuses me is why Boise State’s head coach, after his broncos annual BCS Bowl snubbing, comes on ESPN every December to bemoan the process.  It will be Chris Peterson this year, but it could be any coach from past or future years, stating that the current system is flawed and unwanted, and that every coach agrees. So coaches and universities continue to go along with a system they detest and do absolutely nothing about it, when in fact they hold the power to change it.  Tell me this, if the SEC, Big 12, Pac 10, and Big Ten agree to stay off the field in 2012 unless the system is dramatically changed, do you think the NCAA, and especially the television networks, would be at ease with this?  Not even for half a second.  It would take one meeting, the NCAA and networks would pick up the airfare meals, and all other related expenses for this meeting, and the BCS computer geeks would be kicked to the curb and a playoff system would be instituted.

Here’s the thing, I think that colleges and universities and even most coaches have no problem with the bowl system.  The reasons are simple:  big bucks for the universities and the program’s football coach’s job is secured for making a shit bowl each year. (Making a meaningless bowl each and every year in college football is looked highly upon due to the team making the postseason.  Yet in the real world it doesn’t really matter, there’s too many of them and it waters the whole process down.  Hell, NFL preseason games garner more interest than 80 percent of college bowl games.)

Honestly, I can’t stand to watch 99% of college football games anyway.  I’m washing my hands of even thinking about this mess.

All I’ll leave you with is that this is their own damn fault, so don’t put blame anything on the BCS or NCAA here, they were just helping out their friends at the institution and the fucking football coaching staff.


Throwing Garbage Across the Floor

So why did it take so long for the NBA players and owner to reach an agreement?  What exactly was agreed upon regarding the NBA lockout?  Yeah, I have no clue either.  I think a few minor tweaks to percentages and other pointless bullshit was finally signed off on.   Don’t be fooled into believing that NBA lockout had something to do with any new CBA agreement.

Basketball practice, and to a greater extent preseason training and conditioning workouts, suck.  No basketball player enjoys practice.  They enjoy shooting drills and scrimmages but that’s it.  There is much more that encompasses a two or three hour practice.   Try doing defensive slides across a gym floor for 15 minutes.  NBA players simply did not want to attend practice.

(what’s Iverson talking about?)

If you don’t have to pay your employees for a few months, and you knew quite well that the product would not suffer any consequences, then why not start season on delay?  That’s why this all caused no stir from the owners.  Plus they don’t really use their ownership of a NBA team to gain riches, they’ve already got that, owning a basketball team is like having a trophy wife, they’re a reason for everyone to admire you.  The owners were expense free for two months and did not felt any guilt about it.

That’s why there was no sense of urgency to end the lockout.  Players enjoyed extended vacations and did not have to begin killing their bodies in the late summer.  And while that was happening, NBA owners could write rotten books about business.  Now everyone is happy, including fans.  Shitty NBA play in November and most of December was completely removed for anyone to witness.  By the way, even hard core NBA fans do not watch games prior to Christmas day, so what a perfect time to kick off the 2011-2012 season!

From the NBA with love-Merry “fucking” Christmas everyone!

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