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Nov 1, 2011 by

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, each time you visit one of our posts, you run into ads before and after the content.  It was with great consideration, and no small amount of consternation, that we made the decision for our work, something very sacred to us, to be book-ended by what some may call “crass” commercialism.

The truth is we’ve worked hard to determine who our sponsors would be.  Not unlike NASCAR, Motocross, Skateboarders, or professional cyclists, we took the decision very seriously.  These ads make the site happen, keep food on the table for our small children, and allow us to have to work only one or two other jobs in order to make a decent living.

So please, don’t be afraid of the ads.  Think of them as benevolent angels.  Little winged patrons of the arts.  Don’t think of them as Target, or Chevy, or Bat Exterminators.  Yes, they want to sell you keyboards, albums and allergy medication – but don’t you need those things anyway?

By supporting our sponsors, or at least visiting their sites for a little while after clicking on one of their links, you support us as well.  It’s like capitalism and socialism sitting around a campfire listening to NPR and singing Kumbaya while eating smores.  Honestly, if you don’t visit their sites, you might as well be that nasty 1% we keep hearing about.  Be the 99%:  show your support, and Occupy Our Sponsors

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