New Book Release – Another Form of Prayer

Mar 16, 2015 by


It’s been a long cold winter here in North Carolina and while it may seem like we’ve gone into hibernation, we’ve actually been working on our next project.  We’re excited to announce the publication of Another Form of Prayer, a novella by Jeffrey Sykes.

Jeff has worked with us on both Old 67 (Work it Out) and The Salmagundi, contributing dark coming of age stories for the lost and wandering. Our kind of stories about our kind of people.

He pulls no punches, relentlessly exposing his characters’ flaws, favoring naked truth to nostalgic reverence.  No Brighton Beach Memoirs here.

Here’s the “book jacket” on Another Form of Prayer:

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Samuel Ashton spends his days denying credit applications and his nights at the corner bar looking for somewhere to fit in. While he finds plenty of company in the form of one substance or another, it does little to fend off the loneliness.  As winter settles in, Ashton struggles to raise himself from the margins, only to see his decisions force him deeper down a path most of us would never travel.

With Another Form of Prayer, Jeffrey Sykes delivers us into a world of despair and self-torment as we follow Samuel’s attempts to find an anchor for his swiftly fleeing soul.

Click here to purchase a copy from Amazon.

Soon to be released on the iTunes store as well!


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