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The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King has inspired many to do a lot of great things and, unfortunately, inspired others to do some not so great things.  When it comes to Freedom, an idea that is so integral to the foundation of this country yet is routinely trounced by both of our political parties; its hard to find someone more important in the last 100 years than the good Doctor.  I’m grateful that a day has been set aside for his memory, we’d all be a little better off if we tried to take to heart the things that he taught.

P.E. might not be the most politcally correct group to choose to represent Martin Luther King day, but that’s how we do it at Old67.  We celebrate the dichotomy of the human heart and mind.  You didn’t think we’d pick U2 did you?

So with that, I’ll let Mr. D take the mic…


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