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Bill Simmons tweeted this on Saturday-“Jacoby Ellsbury’s 2011 season is starting to smell a little MVPish. It’s not pungent but it’s a definite odor.”

I tend to agree with the Sports Guy here, Ellsbury’s numbers and clutch hitting are starting to resemble Dustin Pedroia’s 2007 MVP season.   Ellsbury is the poster boy for Theo’s cultural shift in Boston, drafting and trading for players possessing speed, defense, and on-base percentage.  The knock on Ellsbury is his low OBP, especially for someone in the lead-off spot.  Ellsbury posts a career .351 OBP, though up this year, (.377) his lack of discipline at the plate reduces his key asset-his legs.  His last stolen base was July 6th against the Blue Jays.  You will hear no complaints from me though, with Ellsbury’s 7 home runs so far in July, who really needs the stolen bases anyway. (AL fan mentality)  He led the Sox with 12 hits this week, including a two home run game against the Orioles.  The Sox finished the week with 5 wins and are atop the AL East with a three game lead over the Yankees.


  • Josh Reddick has more than likely ended the J.D. Drew era in Boston.  Can’t say for certain that Reddick is the future right fielder for the Sox but in 32 games he has posted some impressive numbers. .358/.407/.621

Possible X factor in the AL East race….stay tuned.

  • Congratulations to both Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven on their induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Baseball continues their immoderate subjective approach for HOF voting.  A player of Blyleven’s stature would never have been elected to any of the other three major sports hall of fames.  Time should not be an key evaluator for induction.  If a player can’t get their 75% within five years after initial eligibility then the players name should be removed permanently.   Aside from that, the Baseball Hall of Fame inductees and snubs do bring out great late night bar discussions.
  • The last time the Pirates mattered to anyone (Including their own fans) was 19 years ago when a young knuckleballer helped the Pirates to a division title by going 8-1 down the stretch.  Tim Wakefield defies his 44 years and remains an affective starter.  Wakefield recorded his 2,000 strikeout with the Red Sox after recording his 6th win on Sunday, completing the three game sweep of the Mariners. (15 losses in the a row for the Mariners, not sure Eric Wedge will see September.)
  • RIP Amy Winehouse, another entry to the exclusive “Rock Star Dead at Age 27 Club”.  A sad day for fans of Ms. Winehouse but jubilation from a friend who scored a whopping 72 points in her annual death pool!
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm’s season 8 is under way!  The newly divorced Larry and his dipshit circle of friends are up to their usual array of uncomfortable moments.   Unfortunately Larry’s wife, played by the vastly underrated Cheryl Hines, has a reduced role this season.
  • Two quick recommendations for both your summer reading and listening pleasure.
    • Read this biography-Let it Blurt by Jim DeRogatis
      • The book examines the life of America’s greatest rock critic Lester Bangs. (If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s, Lester is the true life character portrayed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the Cameron Crowe directed film Almost Famous)
    • Listen to this true Jazz classic-Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus
    • Nothing else to say except just listen…..
  • And lastly….A special thanks goes out to Dan Graziano of ESPN.com who wrote the first Brett Favre piece of the summer.  The latest juicy tidbit is about the Eagles interest in Favre as backup to Vick.  For the record, I thoroughly enjoy reading anything and everything about potential Favre comebacks.  Here’s hoping that the Wrangler-ass wearing QB is suiting up for someone this NFL or CFL season.   So please Brett, start your annual pre-camp training by tossing the pigskin to high school wide receivers!


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