Miscellaneous Thoughts: Part II

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Memo to Reader:

I would like to preface that this post has been solely written in a NyQuil haze.  I’ve been sick all week, and my remedy of choice has been a bottle of night time red liquid head-cold zapper, which has led to some early morning high head blues the day after.  Lester Bangs and Little Wayne are the famous artists I can recall who have been open about their abuse of this stuff.  Hopefully, I can muster up a NyQuil absorbed Lester Bangs’s piece, but it will probably lend itself more to the rambling incoherent rap lyrics of Little Wayne.  You have been warned.

New sounds

The Unofficial Chantix Dream Soundtrack:
Are you waking up in a cold sweat after experiencing another wacked out dream from the smoking cessation drug Chantix?  If you are in the midst of quitting smoking, and using these pills to kill those cravings for good, congratulations and enjoy yourself in dream land.  The perfect soundtrack for those late night dreams of running through a city’s dark alleys while being chased by thug zombies with pet octopuses, is none other than, Aloe Blacc’s 2010 release “Good Things.”  It has a killer opening track; I need a Dolla, plus a superb cover of the Velvet’s Femme Fatale.  Blacc’s R&B is not lacking any soul, mirroring the 1970’s sound of Curtis Mayfield.  It definitely has its moments of dirty and funky, especially on the wah-wah laced track Hey Brother.  My favorite track, Miss Fortune, a song about making the wrong choice in a woman, could nestle right in on a Gnarls Barkley album.  Pop those pills, push play, and let Aloe Blacc provide the score for your unconscious…..it’s also good for listening to in the car as well.

Save your money, don’t even steal it:
If you ever had any doubt that Thom Yorke runs the operations of Radiohead, look no further than the band’s latest effort, TKOL RMX 1234567. Radiohead’s recent release is a collection of various electronic artists remixing the songs from The King of Limbs.   I’m not sure why Radiohead contrived this release, other than Yorke’s deep fascination of dubstep.  I had also assumed that a remix would contain some remnants of the original; not here.  If I had never heard The King of Limbs, I would not recognize this as a Radiohead record.  There are few tracks with some interesting takes, such as, Caribou’s version of Little by Little or the Mark Pritchard remix of Bloom.  Otherwise, the rest are fillers and a lame attempt to please Thom.  If anything, this should have been given away free on the bands website, instead it feels like a money grab from the band.   I’m not certain this shit would even sit well with a NYC club crowd, let alone the club rats of London.  I would have taken zestful pleasure to be a fly on the wall when Thom Yorke gathered the troops to sell this concept.  I am sure eyes rolled, and heads just nodded.  Buy the original The King of Limbs, don’t even bother with this.  Some media outlets broke the news last week that Radiohead will be entering the studio soon.  As my good friend Alan would say, give Jonny his guitar back…..


The fallout of Red Sox nation

Oh no!  There’s alcohol, and fat pitchers eating fried chicken, in the clubhouse.  Tito is gone.  Theo has darted off to the Cubs.  And please take those scary comments back about heading to New York, Ortiz.  The ownership has nothing nice to say towards “pain pill popping” Francona and despised the signing of Crawford.  For those new to this club, this is the shit I lived each and every year leading up to 2004.  Take a collective breath my fellow members of Red Sox Nation; the team will be just fine next year, especially with Ben Cherington as the new GM.  Plus the Sox could use a little shake up and get a fresh focus beginning next spring.  I would recommend passing on articles that feature quotes from John Henry, John Lester, or Josh Beckett.

No one cares-The NBA lockout

David Stern must be worried for two reasons.

  1. The reality of the 2011-12 NBA season being cancelled is upon us.
  2. No one cares, including NBA fans, about this lockout.  Except for Bill Simmons.

I for one, find it hysterical that football fans would have stormed the NFL offices, like Libyan Rebels, if even one exhibition game was lost.  The NFL owners and players got their act together and finally reached an agreement.  The season is off and running, people are heading to bars immediately after church, and Direct TV sales are up.  People are so excited about this NFL season that they are showing their undying love for a shitty 3rd string fullback quarterback in Denver named Tebow.  Nothing surprises me anymore regarding NFL fans.  When a sport begins to care about its untalented and rarely used, they have a good thing going.

The NBA currently garners the same interest with sports fans as golf does when Tiger doesn’t make the cut.   After a truly remarkable NBA season last year, where I feel the quality of play and talent was the highest in 15 years, people just don’t seem to care, or worse, have no real opinion regarding the lockout killing the season. I guess hoop fans are more than happy to just turn to the college ranks for their basketball fix.  I tend to wonder what the real problem could be with the NBA…..Let me think on that one, too much NyQuil…..

And before I doze off…..

Why is it that every sport writer’s solution to fix a sport is to eliminate something about it.  Whether it’s to shorten the regular season, make it two out of three sets at a major, reduce the time of play, or extract teams.  The attention span of this country is getting scary small….

When will the internet murder cable television?  I am ready!

The 2016 presidential campaigns will begin precisely at 12:00 AM on January 1, 2013.  Has anyone tuned into a debate yet?  Can we just slow down some?  Can we at least reach the new year before we immerse ourselves in political comedy.

The Red Sox, believe it or not, are not the first team with players who consume alcohol….

Here’s hoping that NBA season begins in February; this can only help an aging Boston Celtics team.

If there is no season by the end of February, but an agreement is finally reached shortly thereafter, the NBA should just eliminate the remaining games and replay the 2011 playoffs.

The average length in 2010 for an NFL football game clocked in at 3 hours 6 minutes, the average MLB baseball game in 2010 came in at 2 hours 51 minutes (yes, the MLB averages included Yanks/Sox games)…which is the slower game?  I would also state that television manipulates the viewer, quickening the slow pace a football game truly demonstrates.

All it takes is an additional 10 mg of Adderall to successfully care for a three year old for two days while the wife is out of town.  I am now in favor of all performance enhancing drugs.

The cloud service from Apple is outstanding!  Love having my entire music collection available instantly.

Speaking of clouds………………





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