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Jun 22, 2012 by

“Everybody had a hard time,

                    (Oh yeah)

           Everybody had a wet dream”


(editor’s note – this portion of the post was written prior to last night’s NBA Finals)

Can you feel it?  The realization that America is embracing LeBron James.  Less than two weeks ago the Heat dug themselves into a three games to two series deficit against the Boston Celtics.  Everyone thought that another summer of LeBron James bashing would begin within days.  Then he arguably played his best game as a member of the Heat by dropping 45 points on Celtic defenders. LeBron’s game six brilliance led to a convincing Heat win.  Days later the Heat won in convincing fashion in game seven on their home court, sending an out-of-breath Celtics packing.  This was still not enough for anyone, as the Heat prepared for their second finals appearance in as many years, this time against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LeBron James continued his dominant play in the finals, giving the Heat an insurmountable three games to one lead over the Thunder.  LeBron seems to have a laser-like focus in the 2012 playoffs, never forcing the action but still staying aggressive offensively, playing solid defensive, and actually not appearing bothered by the pressure of the NBA finals.  His post-game press conferences have been Belichick-like, never offering much emotional insight, rather commenting on the game itself except for his “stupid” response regarding Serge Ibaka’s comments about LeBron’s defensive skills a few days ago.  (Which I would like to add was the correct response to Sergie’s remarks.)  So now, on the eve of a championship, America’s repositioned feelings are now in place.  Oh America, you bandwagon- jumping -always -uniformed self is now in the position to usher him in with open arms and nothing but love and respect.

There is still a little work left for LeBron to become America’s newest wet dream.  It has been two years since the laser light disco party, and a year since Miami failed to show up in last year’s finals.  When the final buzzer sounds and the Miami Heat begin to celebrate, LeBron must stay within himself.

So LeBron hear me out…..Graciously accept your MVP trophy, don’t act all nutty with a stupid on-court dancing, take no credit in the win, praise Durant and Westbrook, stay clear of Wade… just be ridiculously humble.  Then the American public will melt with approval(Editor’s note – How do you all think LeBron did?  Did he take Matt’s advice?  Do you like Editor’s notes?)

Then when there are no cameras around scream, cry, ingest large amounts of drugs and alcohol, dance your little dance, fuck a NBA groupie, or do what comes naturally to celebrate.   You definitely deserve it.

A Pumpkin Out to Sea

The Smashing Pumpkins released brand new material, on Tuesday of this week.  The album, titled Oceania, features thirteen new tracks, and to date has garnered decent reviews.   The newest incarnation of the Pumpkins features three fairly new band members; D’Arcy, Jimmy, and James are all but a distant memory.  Jon Dolan writes, in his Rolling Stone review of Oceania, Oceania is an “album within an album, the next 13 songs in the Pumpkins‘ ongoing 44-song art-rock odyssey Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, which began in 2009.”  Though I heard about this 44-song project, I am still not sure exactly what Corgan is trying to accomplish, nor am I interested in investing any time figuring it out.

If you were paying attention, Bill Corgan has been busy this week making the promotional rounds.  His stops included interviews with Howard Stern, and last night made a two-segment appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan show.  Billy seems at peace these days with the past, especially with rabid overly-critical Pumpkin fans wanting the original members back like it was 1993 all over again.  I think with his mind clear of this garbage, his focus remains on the present.  If anything it’s a healthy outlook.  He did mention to Piers Morgan that Oceania stands along aside prior heyday Pumpkin records in terms of its greatness…..Easy now Billy.

I did receive a vinyl copy of the Oceania for father’s day from my wife.  SO I plan to give it a listen over the weekend.  Please don’t expect a review of the album on Old67; I will leave that up to the professionals.  By the way, my wife along with my daughter ventured into unchartered waters by visiting the local record store and came out of there unharmed.  (The true miracle of Father’s Day!) Along with Oceania, I also received the Beasties and Sonic Youth vinyl!  Well done Mrs. Ankerson!

                                                              Can Anyone Assemble a Tent?

I never take the family camping.  This has nothing to do with disliking the outdoors or burning random objects around a campfire.  I just can’t stand assembling the fucking tent.  Do others share my disgust with putting up a tent?

The frightening thing is that some people actually do this for a living.  Can a month go by without horrific news about people losing their lives because of a large outdoor tent collapses?  I know the North America road and bridge infrastructure has seen better days.  Our Government will spend billions this summer on road construction.  There is nothing more frustrating to a motorist than sitting in traffic while you wait for the construction guy smoking a cig, holding the stop sign, to waive you on.  I am wondering if we can carve out a small amount of those tax dollars used on our roads to be used in preventing more tent disasters.  Over the past year or so in places like Indiana, Missouri and now most recently, Toronto, Canada; large outdoor concert tents fall like a drunken sorority girl on her 21st birthday.  Can we form some type of Tent Oversight Committee to ensure the constructions of these tents are properly handled?

I am sure members of Radiohead would rather be playing gigs this week than attending the funeral of friend and crew member.

EURO 2012

Now that group play is complete, the focus shifts to the eight remaining teams left in the knockout stage.  So I ask, who comes out with European bragging rights for the next four years?

Moving on…..

An Unnecessary Made up Rivalry

–          As discussed by two rivals of interleague play


Alan and I head to our respective corners and wait for the bell to ring as the Boston Red Sox host the Atlanta Braves in an intriguing interleague matchup.  The annual series between the two teams is played and we could give a shit.  It means nothing to us because we can’t stand watching interleague play.  So actually the weekend will pass us by and I am quite certain neither of us will even speak of the three game series.

During Selig’s sales pitch for interleague play, the notion was these natural rivalries were special and wanted by the fans of Major League baseball.  Growing up as a Sox fan, I never wished for a regular season series between the Sox and Braves.  We had our rival and still do; they are located in New York, or the Bronx to be specific.

The Braves before relocating to Atlanta were in Milwaukee.  Before that?  You guessed it….Boston.  When the Braves played in Boston, they competed in the National League.  They never played the Red Sox nor did anyone in the New England area during the Braves stint in Boston express feeling of bitterness towards either franchise.  No one cared.  SO basically Bud and the boys made up a rivalry to sell us on their idea of interleague.


I never once thought about the Red Sox as a kid.  The only time I cared about them was in 86 against the Mets.  I very much wanted the Sox to kill the Mets.  Why?  Because I was a Braves fan, we hated the fucking Mets.  Your Sox let me down that year, but not enough to make me think about them again.  I didn’t care how the Sox faired again until I met my wife (whose family is from Mass).  I rooted for them in the WS because of my relationship with her family, and because of you.  That pretty much sums up my feelings about the Sox.  Historic or “natural” rivalry isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind.  If that were really the case, wouldn’t we have a bigger natural rivalry with the Milwaukee Brewers?  We were in Milwaukee much more recently than we were in Boston.  Shouldn’t we play more than 6 games a year against them if that kind of rivalry were important?

This is a great article on the “compelling reason for interleague play”.  The author is somewhat serious, and his reasoning isn’t actually bad.  The unbalanced schedule can be kind of boring.  But I would argue that we should use his reasoning and apply it to our own divisions.  Instead of attempting to drum up interest in interleague play by creating stupid fake rivalries, play up the ones we already have.   I think we should play the teams in our own division more, but instead of making us play teams in the AL, let us play the teams in the two other divisions in our own league more often.

Of course, that advice won’t be changed.  Instead, in Bud’s infinite anti-wisdom, we’re going to play more.  For some reason, it was crucial that we have an even amount of teams in each league, so now we have an odd number of teams in each league forcing interleague play to happen EVERY DAY.

I’m not one of those purists that believe baseball should never change.  I just hate stupid change, and this is stupid.


And one more thing

Happy belated 70th birthdays to Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson.  Born days apart and forever connected.  Their massive contributions to pop music that inspired millions across this world, what you gave to us can never be properly repaid in full.

So with that I can only off this to  a crazy genius and a Beatle…….thank you thank you thank you.


A fan


Minnesota is now on the clock as the next state in line to vote on a referendum regarding same-sex marriage.  Unfortunately I can predict the outcome well before a single vote is cast in November.  Conservative Midwest Christian voters with their bible verse in tow will come out in droves to vote for the state constitutional amendment to only recognize marriage between a man and a women.

Laws’ revoking the civil rights of its citizens needs to end immediately.  Does anyone besides me see the present and future damage of civil rights decided on by a vote?  Stay the course America….and by that I mean a course of repression and racism.  Just fucking sad.

Do the right thing Minnesota……I beg you…..


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