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If the Denver Broncos make it to the Super Bowl, everyone should order a Papa John’s pizza – it’s only fitting with Peyton Manning serving as their pizza poster child. Manning was signed in the off-season by John Elway after four necks surgeries and missing the entire 2011-2012 season, bet Tebow appreciated that move after such a thrilling season with the Jets… Honestly, when Jeff Saturday personally reaches out to let you know he will be snapping the football to a different QB this season, you’ve earned some quality respect.

Remember early in the season when those over-analyzing ESPN talking heads insisted Peyton Manning had lost his arm strength while questioning every pass? Let’s take a look at the numbers and see what that “dead arm” produced this season.

13 wins

37 touchdown passes

4,659 passing yards

68.6% completion percentage

Only 11 interceptions (take away one quarter vs. the Falcons and this would be 8)


That will get you a 105.8 QB rating and a QBR of 84.1.

These kinds of numbers don’t just come to anyone, but to someone who endlessly studies game tape. Peyton is the epitome of the ultimate competitor. It’s in his every facial and body expression throughout a game. Simply speaking, he loves to play the game of football at a high level, this year at a “mile high” level (what a sorry pun!). Manning is in serious contention for the MVP and comeback player of the year awards, though that running back up in Minnesota kinda had an amazing comeback season himself… Whether or not Peyton wins the MVP, it was one heck of a regular season! What stats will not show, and what means the most, is Manning has the Broncos believing they can win the Super Bowl. He raises the play of everyone around him as many of his players alluded to throughout training camp and the regular season.

Now comes the postseason where Peyton hasn’t had as much success as little bro Eli. If Peyton Manning, arguably the #1 QB of all-time, has one chink in his armor, it is his postseason play. His career postseason record with the Colts was 9 wins and10 loses. Life is not as easy when you constantly go against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick… With that being said, Peyton does have 29 career postseason passing touchdowns to 19 interceptions. He also has one of those massive Super Bowl rings in his collection. Maybe that is why I am pulling for the Broncos in the AFC. Manning has the ring, our neck surgeries (remember he plays football where 300 pound warriors are looking to hit him as hard as possible every play), yet he still came back, hungry as ever. He is not the typical egotistical superstar. When Peyton is in the media, it is usually for a funny commercial and not something negative. Even during an entire off-season with the Colts decided to let him go and ESPN ready to blow up the situation, the signing with Denver went relatively smooth. Peyton Manning is about winning football games.  He is a head coach with a helmet on who leads through thick and thin.

Maybe, for motivation, Eli will send big bro a picture of his TWO Super Bowl rings before the Broncos play the Ravens Saturday. Alright, he probably won’t, but quite frankly Peyton and the Broncos already appear extremely motivated. Saturday afternoon will be step 1 if they wish to make some noise in the playoffs. Could you imagine an AFC Championship game with New England @ Denver. Another Brady vs. Manning matchup…that would be a treat!

When Archie and Olivia Manning schedule vacations, I am thinking they might block off Super Bowl Sunday. One of their sons has been in 4 of the last 6 Super Bowls. I wonder if Vegas has a prop bet before the season starts if at least one Manning will be in the Super Bowl? You would be 4 and 2 in the past six seasons. Before Peyton and Eli head to Canton maybe we will have an all-Manning quarterbacked Super Bowl. But for now, it is time for Mile High Manning to clutch up while Eli watches from the couch eating a bag of potato chips!


I would like to dedicate this sports article to my late Grandma Allister. Grandma would pick my brothers, sister and I up from Sunday School and we would head over to her house every Sunday. The typical Sunday at Grandma’s usually entailed us cutting a shoebox into our “basketball rim” and taping it to the overhang in the living room. We would use her balls of yarn as our basketballs. After basketball ended, I would select my favorite golf club (one of Grandma’s wooden canes) and grab a golf ball (another ball of yarn) and play a round of golf throughout her entire first floor. Grandma Allister helped introduce me to loving sports at a very young age and for that I am forever grateful. She was an amazing grandmother and I will forever hold a special place for her in my heart!  This one’s for you Grandma!


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