Lenny Dykstra is a Dick

Aug 26, 2011 by

Everybody knows it, so I’m not breaking any ground here with my assessment.  It’s kind of like puppies.  They’re cute.  Everyone knows they’re cute, but it doesn’t stop you from saying, “That is one cute puppy!” when you see one.  That’s Dykstra, except you say
“God what a Dick!”, just take a look at him:


Dykstra made the news again today, and of course, it was for being a dick.  It’s one thing to steal money from people, sexually harass your employees, or even write bad checks to hookers, but when you start making it more difficult for regular guys to get legitimate hand jobs through Craigslist, you’ve crossed the line, again.

Any ugly dude with a computer and a few bucks was able to score on Craigslist a few years ago.  But then some guys got all rapey and murdery, and Craigslist took away the adult ads.  Now guys are left to look for “massages” and “housekeepers”.  But no, Lenny couldn’t let us them even have that.  Lenny, you don’t spring your bloated body and steroid ravaged genitals upon some poor unsuspecting woman.  Everyone knows you negotiate that stuff up front, saves everyone a whole lot of awkward.

It’s only a matter of time, in the face of a high profile case, that Craigslist will have to add in more scrutiny to their ads, leaving guys trolling the “Farm and Garden” sections for a little fun.  Thanks a lot Lenny.  What a dick.



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