King James and His Deplorable State of Ignorance and Loneliness

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Let me begin by addressing a common phrase often misused amongst young pro athletes, Hip Hop artists, and Caucasian suburban teenage girls looking to add edginess to their nonexistent personality.  The phrase, or phrases, I am referring to are, “Don’t hate”, or the long form version, “Don’t be a hater”, or the always embarrassing “Hate the game, not the player”.  Those phrases are used as a defense mechanism to shield away negativity for fragile egos.  The groups mentioned above must portray something false about themselves or the curtain will be raised to expose insecure and scared as shit little boys and girls.  My dictionary IPhone app defines the word hate as “The emotion of intense dislike”.   Being critical of someone or something does not always lend itself to hatred of those things.   I’m wondering if anyone in this country can take any type of criticism anymore; if this is true, we are surely doomed.

On Wednesday, ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge, was critical of Tim Tebow’s ability to be an effective quarterback in the NFL.  Since the days of Tebow’s almost perfect college life at the University of Florida, analysts and scouts have panned him for not possessing the tools to make the leap to play quarterback at the next level.  Many think his build and straight-ahead running ability are more suited to NFL fullback.  So, to no one’s surprise, except to one hyper-sensitive all-star pro athlete, Hoge’s analysis of Tim Tebow was on par with most NFL experts, including Tebow’s own coach, John Fox. (Tebow is currently second-string to Kyle Orton at Bronco camp) The only person in America who did’t feel the same, was none other than Lebron James, the King of ignorance.

Merril Hoge first stated on Twitter: “Sitting watching tape off bronco offense from last year! Orton or Tebow? It’s embarrassing to think the broncos could win with tebow!!”

And continued on SportsCenter with this assessment of Tebow.

“”He is awful as far as accuracy goes and what’s kind of even more disturbing, he’s probably worse moving and running around with the football and throwing than he is from the pocket,” Hoge said. “Can you get better there? A little bit. If everything is perfect, the pocket, your feet are good, all your fundamentals come into place; the coverage is what you want it, you can be successful. But that doesn’t happen at the National Football League. Rarely does that happen.”

Looking to gain a friend in Tebow, James tweeted the following in response to Hoge’s comments.

“Listened to Merrill Hoge today on SC and he was just blasting Tebow. The man hasn’t even play a full season and its only his 2nd year in,” James wrote. “Guys get on that TV and act like they was all WORLD when they played. How bout encouraging him and wishing him the best instead of hating!!”

James followed it up with more fluffy comments that wouldn’t even spout from the mouth of my three year old daughter.

“Tim Tebow will succeed in the NFL. He’s a hard worker, a student of the game, a natural born leader and most of all a WINNER! It takes time and he’ll be nice.”

Notice James made no reference to talent or offered a counter to the actual analysis that Hoge made in assessing Tebow’s quarterbacking skills.    He just used adjectives that all sports fans use when discussing their team’s favorite least used player.

My issue with James is not his ability to have an opinion, or a voice on the subject, it’s more his ignorance of the issue and his desperate attempt to win friends. Last summer, James transformed into a villain he is desperately trying to retract.   James uses the word “hating” in his Twitter response incorrectly in hopes that the American public will now change their opinion of him, and sees that he is indeed a nice person; this should not be a surprise to anyone.  Hoge just gave an accurate analysis of Tebow that was neither hateful nor unfounded.  James wants to watch SportsCenter analysts encourage pro athletes and wish them well on the broadcast.  Thankfully James does not own a television network nor has decision making powers in that medium.   I’m not even sure the kind executives over at Nickelodeon would welcome a Lebron James self-esteem program for future athletes.  Analysts dressed as puppies and unicorns would begin each show with a big hug, strong words of encouragement, and many wishes of fortune to the already pampered star athlete…..I just threw up.

I echo all of Hoge’s statements.  Tebow doesn’t have a good throwing motion and isn’t very accurate.  Other than Michael Vick, successful NFL QB’s must stay in the pocket to move the ball down the field.  Tebow possesses above average movement, but he will get murdered being one dimensional.  Lastly he doesn’t have the mental capacity for reading and adjusting to a complicated defensive scheme as well as the ability for quick decision making, he scored a 22 out of a possible 50 on his Wonderlic score.  The average Wonderlic score of a NFL QB is 24. Looks like Hoge’s “hater” comments were spot on.  Time will tell….

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  1. I think you nailed it, Matt. Lebron has entered into dangerous A-Rod territory. He’s so desperate to be liked, he’s reduced himself to saying anything he can to ingratiate himself and garner friends for sympathy. He just needs to shut up and play, and win.

  2. Bob Norton

    However, I think the jury is still out on Tebow. Need to see how he reacts under fire in some pre season games. If he relies totally on his physical ability to move the ball, he won’t last in the NFL. He needs to use his head, learn how to work in the pocket and not expose himself to potential career ending injuries.

  3. Lance

    Lebron James needs his own talk show LOL, it should only run during the NBA playoffs. (thats usually when he takes a break from basketball)

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