Killing Pain in the Naked City

Jul 2, 2014 by


For John Zorn

Spastic blast scream machine

Leaps wailing to life

Crazy swing rhythm building



Chaotic beats swirling

Circling about the room

Preparing to penetrate darkorners

Fill our wanting

Senses pounding rushing

Beating time with desire

Keeping time with the flow

This demon bop cums grinding

Maniac gears screeching scraping

Squealing wildly


Only to fall silent and



Slow soft kisses spilling sweet breath

Low moans rise high to caress

Something deep inside moves

And the swell

The swell takes you back

Back to that sweaty room

Writhing grinding screaming seeming

To fall

Into silent shuddering




Is it love, or just good sax?



Naked City

Artwork by Matt Ankerson

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