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I happened to be up and flipping through the stations Saturday Night when I noticed Passion Pit was the musical guest.  It was 12:50,  I was just in time to catch their final song – “Carried Away”.   A few things struck me immediately:

  • 4 Keyboards – there were three guys and one girl playing keyboards –4 keyboards on one stage and not a single guitar (there was a drum kit at least).  Kind of makes me sad (to be fair, I watched “Take a Walk” on the interwebs the next day, there were only 3 keyboards going with one of the keyboardists on bass instead).
  • Energy – I know their music is catchy and bouncy, but they never really manage to grab me.  Moments of their songs will stick in my head, but I never listen and think “Man, I gotta check them out live”.  When I envision seeing them live, I always imagine standing there with my hands in my pockets waiting for something to happen. ( That’s exactly how my high school buddy James Schmitt watched shows, but he was too cool to dance, which is another topic altogether.)  I stand duly corrected; after watching them perform I could see the allure.  Michael Angelakos and his supporting cast were full of foot stomping energy and very engaging.  I’m now less inclined to think I’d be bored out of my mind at one of their shows.
  • Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello meet your hipster stepchildren – right after “Carried Away” was through, I popped over to Austin City limits and caught the credits to the Bon Iver show.  What struck me was how similarly dressed the two bands were, almost identical really.  Both bands sported 80’s ties and sweaters over checkered shirts, jeans and hair skewed just so.  I hope Joe and Elvis are keeping track of their old wardrobe, I think someone’s got their eye on it.

After listening to Justin Vernon ramble on about his alone time in a cabin, I returned to Passion Pit and a line from Kellin’s review of Gossamer, and more specifically “Take a Walk”  – “…this song rocks, plain and simple, and is the album’s best effort in blending a serious narrative with a buoyant, foot-tapping beat. Like Adele’s Chasing Pavements, Take A Walk further suggests the healing, transformative powers of a good stroll.”


(I wanted to post the SNL vid, but its all copyrighted and shit, so you get the standard video instead)


First off, I was more surprised than anyone that Adele would make an appearance on Old 67, good for her!  Second, “the healing, transformative powers of a good stroll”,  I love that description and think of it every time I hear “Take a Walk”. Angelakos sings with such anguish as the song nears its conclusion, I expect him to break down and cry.  Adele and Passion Pit, while fine bands in their own right, aren’t my cup of tea for a good long stroll.  After reading Kellin’s post and the other linked material regarding Agelakos, I thought if anyone needs to clear his head, it’s Angelakos.  It made me wonder what he listens to when he needs some time to himself.

I fired off an email to Matt with my own suggestion:

Did you read the article in Pitchfork Kellin cited about Angelakos?  God what an awful mess, I can’t understand why anyone would hang out with him long enough to record an album. I don’t generally decide what music I like based on the people that perform it, but when they make a point about it being so personal and then you get to see what they’re like personally, it’s hard to separate the music from the man – I don’t think I like either one.  He’s begging so hard for attention and then bitching about getting it – he might actually be Fiona Apple.  They even kind of look alike…

The first song  – to streamline it – is about a walk, and Kellin compares it to the Adele song “Chasing Pavements”.  Not the first song I would pick, mostly because it’s outside of my frame of reference, I don’t know a lot of Adele songs.  I actually kind of like Adele, not “listen to a whole album” like Adele, but “don’t change it if it comes on the radio” like Adele.  After reading the Pitchfork piece, and reading Kellin’s song review, I immediately thought of the Bad Religion song, “A Walk”.  I’m pretty sure Angelakos needs to play this song as loud as he can, through his head phones, while walking around the city of his choice (He should also point at lots of things, not a requirement just a suggestion).  He should do that until he no longer feels the way he does, then he should go out and make some decent music.

I’ve always loved Bad Religion, some really smart dudes who play kick ass guitar and don’t spend a bunch of time moping around about it – they’d rather tell you to fuck off than slit their wrists.  This isn’t one of their best songs or albums, but its perfectly appropriate.

I especially like the last verse – a punk song with the word reprobate –fucking genius.  




So, to sum up:

Passion Pit – Better live than I thought.

Adele – Has been mentioned on Old 67 TWICE!

Bad Religion – I like them.

Also, I am never too cool to dance.

Have a great week everyone!


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