I’m Not Working For You…

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I first saw Superchunk in 1992, in a little hole of a bar (It was either Buddy’s or Eat at Joes – same place, just had different names over the years, and as dementia starts to set in, details like that easily escape me) in Blacksburg, VA. 

The opening band was a local favorite, Baby Igor, playing full on hardcore, most memorably a Kick Ass version of Rollins’ “Next Time”.  I loved Baby Igor, but I could see them in any number of basements almost any weekend, so as much as I liked seeing them play, I was super antsy to see the main band get on stage.  Of course, it’s possible the blotter I’d consumed before leaving my apartment was also a factor in my jitters – either way; I could barely contain myself waiting for Igor to finish.

The anticipation was well worth it.  Buddy’s was a small venue – bar to the right of the stage, a seated area in the back, and small floor up front.  The floor was full of moshing maniacs.  I love shows like that, the pit isn’t brutal; it’s just manic ecstatic joy.  As soon as you fall, someone is picking you up and throwing you back into the fray.

The night was a sweaty blur to say the least, the kind of show that leaves you breathless with ringing ears, wishing you could share the feeling with everyone around you.  I guess in my own little way I did, banging away on my guitar at 3:30 in the morning, imitating every chord I could remember from Jim Wilbur and Mac. 

It’s Friday, and I’m sure this song applies to somebody you’re currently working for or with – play it like it’s supposed to be played – LOUD! 


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