I Wish

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We would like to introduce you to Doug Wallace. His short story “The Cure” will be included in our soon to be released third short story anthology.  Doug Wallace is a father of four kids who love the “mouth stories” he tells them each night before going to bed. After publishing his first short story in the creative section of a graduate student journal in college, he took a fifteen year break to focus on his career in the the IT security field, where he currently works to pay the bills. After being selected for a summer intensive with Orson Scott Card, Doug has written over twenty scifi short stories and is working on a number of scifi/fantasy book projects. He loves technology, history, and writing about his observations of what makes people tic. You can find more of his work here at his website.

I Wish

I wish I never knew you.

But some things cannot be un-known.

I wish I never saw you.

But when I look in the mirror it is your face I see, ever reminding me of who I am; what I am.


I wish I never felt you.

For in your arm I feel my own strength and in your heart my own weakness.

I wish I never knew you.


I wish we never played as boys in the Martian fields, throwing red dirt clods until we were dirty from head to toe.

I wish your parents could never tell us apart.

But they always did, hosing me down with cold water on the porch while sending you inside for a warm shower.


I wish they never made me taste your food, test your meds, or wear your ceremonial garb for public parades and courts while you hid safely in the back.

I wish I never knew you.

I wish you never forced me to recite my vows just to prove a point.

I was pledged to protect you ‘til my dying breath, and I have been since birth.

I wish I never knew you.


You always said I knew my place; that though we look the same, we are vastly different.

A First is not a Second, and a Second is not fully human.

I wish I never knew you.


I wish you never made me kiss your girlfriend’s Second just to tell you what it was like.

I didn’t want to kiss her Second.

I wanted to kiss her.

And when you had her for the first time I wished so desperately that I were you.

But now I wish I never knew you.


I wish that I never served your time or paid the price for your transgressions.

I wish I never saved you from drowning when we swam in the teal waters of Lake Lunadia.

I wish I never had the implant that tracked your bio-signs, compelling me to protect your life with mine.

I wish you knew that everything I did, I did not because I feared for my life, but because I feared for yours. I would have done it all the same.

But today, I wish I never knew you.


I wish we never did such mundane things as hiking the Emerald Ridges of Mars or sailing the Mare Lua with our speed skiffs.

I wish we never did the thrilling things like pod jumping from orbit on Ceridian Prime or sling skipping on the clouds of Jupiter.

I wish I never knew you.


I wish I never knew your thoughts.

They were always next to mine.

I wish I never felt your pain; it was more mine than yours.

I wish I felt your triumphs as intensely as your defeats.

Still, to feel at all is a precious gift for a Second, and gifts I’ve had aplenty. But today, as you lay here in a pool of endless crimson, I wish I never knew you.


I wish I didn’t know the seldom-recited lines of the Second’s Vow:

And when the First no longer lives

The greatest gift the Second gives.


Though I’m only a Second, a clone of my First, I wish in vain that I were more.

I wish I didn’t know that.

But some things cannot be un-known.

I wish I never knew you.



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