I Just Want to Get There Faster

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The summer of ’91 was crazy in my little corner of the world.  I was ten different kinds of out of control:  the wrong girls, the wrong friends, the wrong drugs and a great car.  You can’t ask for much more at 19.  As the summer wound down I found myself faced with returning to school and wondering how the hell I was going to reintegrate into a world I no longer felt at home in.  Luckily, with the help of a lot of tequila and the right friends I got my head on straight (or at least attached) and made it back to school and even did alright in my classes.

Gish came out in May, but i didn’t stumble upon it until the end of that Summer and it blew my mind.  Corgan has said that its an album about “pain and spiritual ascension.”  Not to sound dramatic, but that pretty much sums up the way I felt about my summer and the ensuing months.  I listened to Gish on heavy rotation, before and after class, and during all the times I should have been in class but blew them off for a trip to the river instead.

The start/stop time changes and loud/soft exchanges over beautiful melodies still blow my mind.  Say what you want about Billy Corgan, but he laid it all on the line and not a moment disapoints.  Even the outtakes and b-sides are incredible. The riffs on this album are the kind that make you simultaneously want to pick up your guitar and play like  he does or smash the shit out of it and give up because it’s never going to be that good.

Even though all the songs are great, Siva has always been my favorite and in honor of my extreme jealously towards Matt for buying Gish on Vinyl this weekend, I’m playing it for you.


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