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Old 67 is happy to introduce special contributor Kelly Green.  Kelly is a lifelong member of Team Serious; she gets a crinkly forehead about gray areas, people who speak/tweet/post before they think and people who just don’t think in general.

I am not choosing a party; I am choosing the issues that are important to me when I’m voting.  Choosing a party, and blindly defending it whether they are right or wrong, is dangerous and the root cause of the extreme polarization in this country.  Where is the dialog?  What are YOUR issues that you are passionate about?  Mine are Education, Equality, Environment, Economics and Education, in that order, and yes I realize Education is in there twice.  Let us start there.

Education.  I am not going to cite sources, because this is an opinion piece.  I have done my research; I have done a lot of reflecting, and done some more research.  If you want to have a “link-off” of fact checks, please feel free to bring it in the comments section.  I am going to vote for President Obama as the best choice for education for several reasons:

His administration supports researching best practices.  Race To The Top is all about evaluating what works.  Let’s figure out what works and do more of that, in education.  We are blessed to be living in a time where we can actually collect data on what works.  Let’s evaluate the data, and make informed choices on where to invest in our education infrastructure.

His administration has created policies that recognize and support the importance of education in the early years.  Full disclosure:  I work for an Early Childhood company who benefits from policies that support best practice in early education.  I stayed on through the Bush years, and will stay on for what’s next; because I also believe we need to be doing the very best we can for our youngest learners.

I am not against Teachers’ Unions.  I am a product of a very strong Teachers’ Union in NJ.  I went to a very poor district, and was more challenged by my educational experience in the public school system than I was at a very expensive and elite private University my public school education enabled me to attend.  If someone doesn’t fight to make teaching a professional career people choose because they can make a great living, how are things going to change?  We don’t pay doctors like they should “feel good about their jobs”, why should we pay teachers that way?  I’m not out there fighting for teachers, so someone needs to be, therefore unions are not bad, please sit down Chris Christie.

Second, Equality.  I cannot believe I even had to add that one to my list this election year?!  But suddenly I other people’s religious beliefs (and racist beliefs, and sexist beliefs) are threatening our civil rights.  I am going to throw the whole abortion debate, equal pay for equal work, same-sex marriage, and immigration etc. into this bucket.  PLEASE let’s keep the Bible (or any religious book) out of the Constitution.  And PLEASE let’s look at our immigration laws and not penalize people who were BORN HERE, by separating them from their families.  And please, let’s let people choose who they want to make a family with, and not mandate they have specific body parts before they are allowed to create a home together.  And please stay out of my uterus.  Here, my vote is coming from a place of fear:  I am terrified of the Religious Right and their Dominionist agenda.  Winner:  Obama.

Environment.  This really goes back to education.  Oil is going to run out.  We have to be ready for that.  The only way we are going to be ready is to quit supporting policies that support big oil companies.  We, as a people, need to invest in alternative resources to prepare for a future where oil will not be readily available.  Why does this tie back to education?  Because people who understand the long-term impacts of decisions (see economy, below) do not say “drill baby drill” as a long-term solution for how to sustain our energy-needy way of life and our planet.  So, on Issue #3 for me:  Obama wins again for supporting the investigation of alternative resources.

Economy.  I don’t believe we need to be taxed more; I believe we need to revisit the entire tax platform.  I do NOT believe in trickledown economics.  If left to their own devices, I believe most people want to keep most of their money.  Now there are some excellent examples of philanthropy in this country:  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Warren Buffet Foundation; Kaiser Foundation, to name a few.   But when the largest donations to the GOP super PAC’s are oil and banking entities who are not even close to donating similar amounts to philanthropic efforts I would call that a “trickle back” theory:  I’ll take the money I’m not being taxed on and fund the party that taxes me the least so I can keep not being taxed.  If you want to see where the creative and technology sectors are investing—who is going to produce their next generation of creators and producers?—look at the list of top corporate investors.  This pretty much sums it up for me:

Top Contributors

Barack Obama (D) 

1 University of California


2 Microsoft Corp


3 Google Inc


4 DLA Piper


5 Harvard University


Mitt Romney (R)

1 Goldman Sachs


2 JPMorgan Chase & Co


3 Morgan Stanley


4 Bank of America


5 Credit Suisse Group


View Top Contributors for All Candidates

Which brings me back to Education.  Do you know who DLA Piper is?  That’s ok, you can look it up!  How many people are looking this stuff up and know who is paying for their messages?  How have we become a country of people who think someone can or should tell them their opinion?  To keep moving forward, we need to maximize the mind of every American child, to maximize our opportunities and remain the leaders we know we can be and keep our light on the hill—a shiny, innovative, paid for fairly by all, light on the hill.  So final issue “I’m a PC”, and as my Yahoo! Loving friends know I love Google:  Obama wins again.

So that’s what issues I care most about when I’m casting my vote, what are yours?

(Editors Note:  Old 67 is not affiliated with any political party, we generally favor toppling the entire system, but if you feel like you have a view point contrary to Ms. Green, please feel free to submit it to Old 67 for review (to submit, please follow us on Twitter and DM your email address to us).  You can also voice your opinion in the comments section.)

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    Interesting, before I got to the last paragraph, I had already right clicked to google DLA Piper 🙂

    Great article. Thanks Kelly!

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