Happy Mother’s Day

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To all the mother’s out there celebrating with family and friends, I sincerely  wish you a happy mother’s day.

I want to especially send out my gratitude and love to my mom on this mother’s day.  I wish I could spend the day with her but geographical distances make it difficult.  My mom will be in my thoughts on Sunday no matter how many miles are between us.   Just wanted to let her know how much she is loved and appreciated through a letter and a song.



I can recall, as a child, you enthusiastically supported an extremely shy and peculiar first born son’s dream of one day becoming Spiderman.  You remained in character, as Spiderman’s evil nemesis, even as your 7 year old son reached over from the backseat of the car to throw an onion bag (imagining its Spiderman’s web) over your head.  You continued driving along for miles, with the onion bag covering your face, as motorists looked on in horror.   Those fond memories will be forever present in my mind.

You warmly welcomed anyone and everyone to our home.  You never batted an eye for even an instant, cooking dinner for an extra one or two of my high school friends each night.  Your laugh and smile is contagious to everyone who’s crossed your path.  Your genuine love of the eccentric brings me to a smile.  Your loyalty to family and friends never waivers.  You never dawn much on the past, unless it’s to reminisce about a pleasant moment you shared with a loved one who has since moved on.

A fire burns deep in the pit of your stomach.  You never roll over during a family card game, miniature golf, or past tennis matches against your sons; your competitiveness simply does not allow for it.

You are the definition of class.  You possess grace in adverse times.  You stand your ground when pushed.  You speak your mind without regret.  You challenge your boss and others around you.  Your love for our family is never questioned.

Reaching out to help or comfort others comes without surprise.  However, never wanting anything in return, or an ounce of due credit, can be difficult for others to grasp, but never for me.  You are slow to pass judgment.  You have an uncanny gift to comfort strangers in your presence.   You are over-the-top with your superstitious rituals, which I find endearing.

Thanks for letting me dream, be passionate, and stubborn.  Thank you for passing on your subtle confidence in me.  Thank you for opening my eyes to differences in others, setting the stage for me to venture out and see what this world offers. You embraced my crazy opinions and ideas, always yearning for more.  You supported my personal life decisions, showering support no matter the payoff or consequence.  I am better off in this life with you as my mom.

Your remedy for life’s ailments is a douse of salt water and the breeze.  You pass on your wisdom through a quirky song or an old wives tale.  Your enthusiasm for life, and the ability to always search out the good in others, shines throughout every minute of the day.  You have the  energy of people half your age.  You laid the groundwork for my love of music and the arts.  Dad provided the training of technique and implemented the game plans in my days on the courts; you supplied the emotion in me.  Your love of the game of baseball and its rich history resonated very early in me.  It is present with me with every game I attend or box score I read.  I often reminisce about that one summer day, many moons ago at Fenway, when you taught me how to score a baseball game.

I am sorry that your idle threats of dropping Tobasco sauce on my tongue if I continued spewing foul language did not pan out, not only do I continue to curse like a sailor,  I enjoy the taste of all hot sauces.   I am sorry I can’t help you with your technology problems, I really tried, and the frustration of walking you through the steps is just too much.

I look forward to your afternoon calls so we can conduct our heated political debates.  I cherish your visits to our North Carolina home and know your reign of the best cook on the planet continues on.

I was unlucky in life to have never met your mother.  However, through you I feel I knew my grandmother my whole life.  If my daughter grows up to posses just one of your qualities I will consider myself a lucky father.

Cheers to all the other mothers like you who allow for their children to jump in mall fountains wearing their bright yellow boots….

I love you with all my heart,


Frank asked me to send this to you.


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  1. jan ankerson

    My technological ineptness nods its crazy head again; however I am going to ignore it and resend my message to you after reading your poignant Mother’s Day letter….

    I am sitting here with my heart exploding with emotion accompanied with tears streaming down my face. Your heartful expressions partnering with your writing skills are a gift I will treasure forever. You are a remarkable young man and I thank you for taking me down memory lane THROUGH YOUR EYES. There is no course, book, philosopher that gives your all the right answers in being a successful parent. My incredible trip with you and Michael has been a joy! As your paternal journey continues I hope you keep your sense of humor and sense of self. I hope Cora and/or the new miracle to enter this world blesses you in one form or another the same incredible gift I received this mother’s day from you. Every day and every year with you and Michael has been a complete miracle…I love you Matthew.

    And to continue your frustration with me…I can’t hear Frank’s song but I certainly can read his lips….oh well…THAT’S LIFE!!

  2. Maura Kelly


    I am sitting at my desk crying! You have got to be one of the best sons ever! I know today is a wonderful day for you and Caroline be blessed.

    Thanks for reminding me of what a truly wonderful friend I have in your Mom.


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