Happy Memorial Day!

May 27, 2013 by

Today is a glorious yet somber day for Americans; for it’s today we remember our fallen fellow citizens who died fighting for our freedoms.  We do this by getting shitfaced and cooking food over burning coals in the best weather we’re likely to have for the remainder of the Spring/Summer.  Whether you’re a patriot – however you define that, a communist, pacifist or anarchist, you’re likely to have been affected by one our many wars.  My Facebook friends find it necessary to remind me and all of their other friends that today is not just about partying, we mustn’t forget those who died defending my right to drink my self silly.

While I understand their point, the “reason for the season” if you will, I think they are terribly misguided.  Instead of remember those young men and women who died for this country, we should instead focus on all those self righteous fucks who started and perpetuated all these wars: the true heroes.  Without them, we’d have nothing to celebrate, and I’d be writing this from my desk at work, instead of from my back deck.

We’ve got two versions for you today.

First, the original:


Second, Faith No More’s version, which I actually like better…



Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

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