Guild Wars 2 – Sequel of the Year?

Sep 21, 2012 by

As a lifelong gamer it’s very hard to get me into a game and keep me there. My attention span is borderline ADD in most cases, with the rare OCD case. I’m a mess. So it’s always a bonus when I find a game that overcomes all that and holds my interest.  Which was the case with this month’s review; one of the most talked about sequels in recent memory, Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is set in a world approximately 250 years after the conclusion of the Nightfall expansion for the first game. The world has drastically changed in the time between due in short to the rise of the Elder Dragons from what was thought to be an eternal slumber. This is detailed very briefly in the opening cinematic and is described in more detail as you progress through the game.

Guild Wars 2 features a renovated and modern game engine, incorporating dodge mechanics, active casting and skills that are dependent upon your weapon and not so much on your class. We do still have a trait system that kicks in around level 11, which is more of your standard “Talent” system from World Of Warcraft, with a slight twist being that you see only slight benefits until you hit milestones with the systems. The first milestone is 5, where you get a passive or triggered buff that will enhance your skills slightly. Followed by 10 points, and every 5 points thereafter to 30. Specializing in a trait tree is about the most customization you have for your character, you get 70 points to work with and can only max 2 trees and put up to 10 in the other ones, you can play with this as your home city has an NPC that can reset your trait points for respecialization later in the game.

The story line changes based off of the choices you make during the character creation process; no 2 characters should have the same storyline unless you make the same choices. This keeps the game refreshing and entertaining as you level alternate heroes to try out different things. The area quests do remain the same, so there is a bit of monotony on your third or fourth playthrough if you keep the same races or play races that start in areas close to each other. This is definitely an interesting and out of the box system that keeps you playing one green portal at a time.

Guild Wars 2 is a great game with stunning graphics and an addictive engine that keeps the combat fresh and exciting from monster to monster. I’d highly recommend it for the basic MMORPG player all the way to the advanced. The community is friendly and helpful and the game is just down right fun and well worth the one time 59.99 cost. You can head on over to your favorite retailers website or purchase it directly from the developers at .

Rating (Best of 5)

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