Jun 15, 2012 by

Twas’ double a fortnight had passed since

"Smokey Jane" artwork by Spider McQueen

The hash prince

Had last arrived to contrive a sack.

A fat little sack as similar to which in fact

Lies before me today.


“Hurray!” I cry.

An epic win, indeed.

As I begin my high with this blessed weed.

Out back, where no one can see me…

Puff-puff, the sky is the ceiling.

Hold it in, get the feeling.


Hark! Who goes there?

None other than my beloved mother,

Fluttering by.

So I hid the bowl.

To save my soul.

Plus the toll of questioning eyes.


As she reads from religious text,

Thus vexing my guilt

And blowing my high.


I need my own apartment.


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