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He’s a fucking liar. I told him, I said I don’t believe you. You’re wrong.

I was there when she said it; in fact, I’d been sitting inside my tiny cubicle listening to the conversation, waiting to decide if and when I should join in. They were having the same conversation we always had, it never got anywhere, but it was different because she was having it with him. I’d gotten used to the same old run around, the infuriatingly frustrating way he had of deflecting everything on to someone else while apologetically blaming them for it. He was clumsy and awkward in a way that made us astounded when his antics worked. It’s been four years of one fuck up after another, yet here he was standing there having the exact same argument he’d had hundreds of times before.

After a while, you stop trying to figure these kinds of things out, no matter how you think you will handle this type of slow relentlessly thudding campaign, you can’t know until you experience it. I’ve been through this before and I’ve seen myself take the approach you probably think you would take. I didn’t give in. I knew what was right. I knew as long as I persevered, as long as I continued to fight, I would come out on top. Not that winning was what was important, but no matter the cause, every fight has a winner and loser, and I knew I would win.

I think you’re smart enough to understand without me saying who won or lost. I wouldn’t be telling you this story from my perspective if I’d been the one in the circle. I’m not ashamed, just a little smarter now than I was then.

She was funny when she was agitated. I don’t mean this in a demeaning way, she was literally funny. Her humor was brought out by her struggles. She was funny when she was calling him a liar, but she was even funnier when she told me the story of calling him a liar.

She had passion and determination. She was smart, and above all else, she was right. She had made it her mission to fix things. She wasn’t giving in until she’d done what she came to do. She was going to save us all.

I felt sorry for her as I shut down my computer and stacked my last stack of papers for the day. This is good for her though, she’ll feel better once she lets all that go.

I’ll be waiting right here.



Artwork by Matt Ankerson

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