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Our New Anthology, Exhibits, is being released this month – just in time for the holiday season, I find books to be great stocking stuffers! The eBook will be available to purchase next week, with the print book coming shortly thereafter.  As we lead up to the book launch, we will be posting excerpts from stories in the collection.  Today we have an excerpt from Andrew White’s The Gun Show Loophole.  Andrew is new to 67 Press and we’re excited to have him in the book. 


The Gun Show Loophole

Andrew White


I sat up and waited for the room to stop spinning. I realized I had slept in my clothes from the day before, sneakers included. My father’s voice traveled up from the first floor. I wondered why he was home from work this early in the afternoon before I realized that it was Saturday. Whatever happened last night, I better not have driven.

My stomach lurched and I fought back the urge to vomit. All I had to do was get down the stairs and out of the door. I struggled to force myself to my feet. Whoever claimed that drug addicts don’t have any willpower had never tried to wake up on a morning like this.

My laundry sat unwashed in a heap by my closet door. There was no point in changing into a different set of dirty clothes. Since I had been wearing the same five t-shirts and two pairs of jeans for a few weeks now, there was no guarantee that what I picked up was any cleaner than what I had on already. I didn’t have anybody to impress with hygiene anyway. I patted my pockets. Phone? Wallet? Keys? Check. It was time to face the day.

I steadied myself on the banister and stumbled down the stairs. My coordination was still impaired from the previous night. I was dizzier than usual and my limbs were like lead weights. The buzz felt like some kind of muscle relaxer, or maybe a benzo, but I couldn’t be sure.

When I was able to put the living room into focus, I saw both of my parents making cordial conversation with my closest friend, Gabe. He took his eyes from my father just long enough to shoot me a quick smile. Chances are he knew more about my night than I did.

“It’s thoughtful of you to come pick Jamie up,” my mother said.

“You know how he likes to oversleep,” my father added.

“The cookout wouldn’t be the same without him,” Gabe said.

“You boys won’t be doing any drinking, will you?” my mother asked.

“No ma’am,” Gabe said “We just wanted to have a little send-off for Jamie and the other people heading off to college.”

“What school did you decide on?” my father asked. “You’ll be going in the fall as well, right?”

“No sir. I’ll be working with my uncle. I plan to take a semester or two off to save up some money.”

“That’s exactly what I did after high school. It never hurts to have some extra time to prepare,” my mother said, looking at me as if to say, “See! This is how a young man is supposed to behave!”

“You ready to go, Gabe?” I asked.

“I’m ready when you are,” he said. “Thank you for the tea, Mrs. Gibson.”

“You’re welcome, Gabe. You boys enjoy yourself.”

My parents stood to walk us out. When the front door was safely shut behind us and we were out of earshot, I turned to Gabe.

“A cookout? Really?”

“What was I supposed to tell them?”

“If you stopped showing up before I was out of bed, you wouldn’t have to tell them anything,” I said, hopping in the passenger seat of Gabe’s truck.

I looked around as we left the neighborhood, but my Civic was missing. “Do you know where my car is?”

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