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We’d like to introduce Mike Sherer and his story Death Pitch. In light of recent events, we thought that might be appropriate.  If you like it, please share!

Mike Sherer – A movie made from my screenplay ‘Hamal_18’ was produced and released direct to DVD.  It is available to purchase at Amazon or to rent at Netflix.  My mystery/fantasy novel ‘A Cold Dish’ was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction and is available at Amazon in paperback and digital format.  I am serializing my science fiction/fantasy novel ‘Uncertain Cat’ at channillo.com.  I have published five short stories and a novella.  I post my blog ‘flanging’ at mikesherer.wordpress.com

Death Pitch

Mike Sherer


“I want to kill myself.”

A young man sits at a desk with a phone headset perched upon his close-cropped hair. He is squeaky clean, so bland he fades into the pale walls of his small cubicle. “Can you tell me why?” he speaks calmly into the microphone.

A dull female voice answers.”Nothing is right.My husband is always gone.The few times he stays home usually ends up with an argument and him hitting me.My children are strangers.One day last week my son walked into our apartment and I didn’t recognize him.I have no friends.The women I know are like me, zombies, and the men I meet fuck me once or twice, then disappear.Every day is the same.I sit inside and stare at the TV or at the walls or out the window.And when I go out, there is no-thing better to see, only ugly things and cruel people.”She pauses,not even a sigh.”I can just see no reason to go on.”

“Have you tried talking to God?”

“What God?”

“You mean which God.The religious diversity of our nation offers many paths.”

“Religion offers nothing to me.”

“Then reflect upon the secular aspects of your life.Think back on all the people you have encountered, all the places you have seen, all the experiences you have had.After doing this, can you honestly say there is no reason at all for you to continue living?”

“I’ve thought everything out already. I want to die. That’s why I called you.”

The young man sits up a little straighter.A gleam comes to his eyes,andhis voice gives awayhis interest. “All right.I am required by law to make a reasonable attempt to dissuade you. I have done that. Now we may proceed. As I’m sure you know, the Right To Die Act gives each individual the right to take his or her own life. This is how it should be.Your body belongs to you and it should be your decision what to do with it.What else, besides the opposable thumb, separates us from the animals?”

The young man pauses.The first trimester of a smile forms on his thin lips, and the timbre of his voice moves a note up the scale.”My firm helps people carry out their very human right to die.I will personally guide you through the next difficult days.I will handle all of the legal details, something I am certain you have no desire to do.You are aware, of course, that the government will award ten percent of the estimated sum they would have doled out to you had you lived to life expectancy to any person or organization you designate as your beneficiary.The government does this because suicide, in these stressful days of overpopulation, scarcity, and pollution, is considered a brave and unselfish act of patriotism.I will see that your beneficiary promptly receives every dollar he or she is entitled to.Do you understand everything so far?”



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