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I Heard They Play Football in Southern Florida

My favorite part of the Miami NCAA scandal?  Uncle Luke.  Anything that brings back Luther Campbell, even if only in mention, is awesome.  It also shows just how much no one really cares about rules violations.  Everyone knew Uncle Luke hooked up players, he even threatened to go public with it, yet nothing happened.  No serious institution investigated him, and he went on with doing what he always does.  The only reason anyone is doing anything about Shapiro’s alleged violations is because he got busted for a Ponzi scheme, and then ran his mouth about everything he could think of.

Also, you have to love Luke’s rebuttal of Shapiro’s stories, note how he talks like a politician (I was never a booster – true, boosters are legal and publicly acknowledged;  I never gave money to the university, but I will always support its players – i.e. I never donated money, I just gave it to the players.)

And  how about part of Skywalker’s platform in his unsuccessful bid for Miami Mayor was to “tax strippers”.  Oh far we have fallen Uncle Luke.

Open Letter to Thom Yorke:

Dear Thom,
Please give Jonny his guitar back.  He would also like his H.
Thank you.

Brian Wilson is a Fucking Idiot

Live it up douchebag.  You’re fifteen minutes of fame is almost up.  As your team crashes and burns like the one hit wonders they are, and you increasingly run out of luck, all of your posturing and ego tripping will be just another distraction for an aging team and a behind the times general manager.

You’re young, you’ve made lots of money, you’ve shown the world you can grow a beard, I’m sure there’s an opening for you somewhere.  Maybe you could be on SNL they’ll pretty much give anyone a job.

And Jesus:  the pants.  I thought Uggla had tight pants.  Here’s a quick fashion tip for you.  If you have to tug at your pants every time you finish your delivery to remove the wedgie your motion just shoved up your ass, maybe it’s time to loosen them up a little bit.


I don’t care what your background is; punk rock, southern rock, jam band, metal, it doesn’t matter:  a good groove is a good groove.   Back in 2002 James Murphy, under the guise of LCD Soundsystem, gave the Dance Music genre a kick in the ass with “Losing My Edge”, an over the top look at hipsters everywhere.  Murphy is a guy who is decidedly unhip, and as a consequence, is hipper than you or I will ever be.  That single was followed by more successful singles and calls from the likes of Janet Jackson and Britney (neither of whom did he end up working with).  All from a guy who had a chance to write for a little show about three friends in New York and turned it down.  He didn’t think it would be successful, so he decided to concentrate on his music.  I can’t help but wonder what Seinfeld would have been like with Murphy on board.

If you think of Dance music as Lady Gaga, or a dude with a turntable, a drum machine, and some lights, you’re in for a treat.  LCD Soundsystem has all that (minus Lady Gaga) and a full band.  Their lyrics are smart, insightful, and funny.  These guys aren’t a bunch of Euro Trash, or skinny jean wearing New York hipsters; James Murphy could be me.  He could be any of us, dressed in his flannels and a few days growth beard, spitting out lyrics over the band to a crowd of sweaty kids.

They only produced three full length albums:  LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver, and This is Happening.  The albums are tongue in cheek lyrical commentary over filthy beats and fuzz, like “North American Scum” (New York’s the greatest if you get someone to pay the rent), the aforementioned “Losing My Edge” (I’m losing my edge to the art school Brooklynites in little jackets/ and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered eighties), and Drunk Girls (Just cuz I’m shallow doesn’t mean that I’m heartless).  Each album is chock full of goodness, the three melding together like a digital collage, each song adding to the overall composition.  Add all three to a playlist, put it on shuffle and let it rip.

Murphy has ended his run at three, many consider the third his best, and he could easily do more.  He’s said the band as a concept is done, but doesn’t rule out the occasional single or other output.  Here’s hoping he won’t pull a Perry Ferrel and revive the dead dog a couple of decades too late.


As a country, we pride ourselves in not having a class system.  We talk about the middle class, the poor, the rich, but we talk about it in sanitized terms.  You often hear politicians talk about “middle America”, or “Main Street” (funny how with suburban sprawl, most “towns” don’t have a main street anymore) when they talk about the people who supposedly make up the majority of our country.  If you’re interested in reading about it in more stark terms, and with a hell of a lot of humor, read “Deer Hunting with Jesus” by Joe Bageant.

It’s laugh out loud and scary as shit all at once.  Written by someone who was born and raised “Working Class” in rural America, he’s proud to call himself a socialist, and calls out both Democrats and Republicans for how they’ve screwed over the poor saps that make up this country.

You don’t have to agree with his politics to find value in what he says.  It’s worth reading if for no other reason than he called the housing crash and economic crisis a year before it happened, and explained exactly why it was going to happen.  Good stuff.


The High Dessert of California is an alien landscape, entirely uninhabitable, yet somehow inhabited.  The monotony of sand and scrub is broken by hills and windmills and barely drivable roads in need of repair that will probably never come.  Driving for hours, and seeing no one is normal.  Late at night, with every star visible in the sky and the sounds of the desert the only company you have, it can be like visiting an alternate reality.  This is where Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age/Eagle of Death Metal/Them Crooked Vultures and all around guitar hero, Josh Homme is from, and where Anthony Bourdain visits for No Reservations episode US Dessert.

If you’ve never listened to the Dessert Sessions, stop reading, hit up your favorite torrent site, and download as many as you can.  It’s Josh and his various buddies hanging out at his studio:  Rancho De Luna.  Songs must be written on the spot, and recorded in one take.

What makes this episode so much fun is you get a tour of the studio through the eyes of Bourdain.  It’s also less about the food, and more about the culture.  Sure, there’s food, from roadside attractions to a surreal English pub, but it takes second stage to the camaraderie, music and local eccentricities.  They also drive cool cars really fast down dessert roads and drink shitloads of tequila.

The best food on the show is cooked by Bourdain and the residents of Rancho de Luna.  After so many seasons of watching him ramble the globe and judge the cooking of others, it’s easy to forget he can still do his thing in the kitchen.  Here he does what he does best, simple comfort food without pretension, perfect for the setting.  A highlight is the risotto and Anthony reiterating his diatribe from Season 8 of Top Chef – “Good risotto should never stand up, it must spread on the plate.”

All the while, Josh, his cohorts and Bourdain, record the soundtrack to the episode, hopefully this will be available to download for free purchase soon.

Tequila, Stoner Rock, and good food – what else do you need?

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