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Graduation is upon us, and college grads are flooding the market.  In light of this, our day job has brought in a few interns to help out with various projects.  The experience brings memories of an intern we had with one of our previous blog sites.  Eugene was an interesting character.

When we hired him (hire is a strong word, we certainly didn’t pay him), he told us he’d graduated from MIT, loved baseball, and spent his formative years living between Boston with his Mom and Atlanta with his dad.  It was clear he was the guy for us.

I can’t say for sure any of the above is true, it’s not like we did a background check; we were just excited someone was willing to work with us.  We even took him on one of our sojourns to Spring Training; he was a bit of a pain in the ass, but always willing to put in the work.  We really liked the little guy.

After our last venture bit the dust, we stayed in touch for a while, but eventually parted ways.  I stumbled across the opening post of one of his short lived blogs the other day and I thought I’d share it with you.  Apparently he didn’t remember our time together as fondly as Matt and I do, but we harbor no grudges, we were kind of assholes.

Eugene – if you’re out there, give us a ring, I’m sure we could find a few things for you to do.

For anyone else, if you’re interested in a fantastic unpaid gig, we’d love to hear from you.  For an idea of what it would be like to work with us, please continue reading.


It’s been a while, but the remains of BraveSoxTalk are rising from the ashes to rain some serious baseball minutiae on your poor souls.

I’m sure most of you know about BST, but for the uninitiated, here’s a quick brief:

BraveSoxTalk was founded by Alan Wright and Matt Ankerson during the 2005 Baseball Season. They brought together old school and new school thought along with a healthy dose of alcohol fueled fanaticism and humor.

The website was a HUGE hit, especially, and inexplicably, in Japan. The guys both hold high level jobs with a computer company and found themselves having less and less time to research and crunch numbers. That’s when they brought me on board. I’m Eugene St. Athead. That’s right, it’s me, Eugene. The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

We worked together for the ’06 and ’07 season. When I say work together, I mean that I worked, and they drank. A lot. They dragged me everywhere they went, constantly yelling at me to “write that down” and “make our internet connection faster” and “why are there no good looking hookers in Bradenton?”

We had a fairly good run in ’06, but the train derailed pretty fast in ’07. The guys were drowning in their day jobs and drowning at the local pub at night. The ideas and notes they sent to me were increasingly more and more illegible, and well, frankly, crazy. Here’s a typical day of messages while working for BST Productions:

  1. Look up last Sox player to hit into an unassisted triple play.
  2. Run predictions for Matt Harrison at the MLB level
  3. Find out if Jaeger and Koolaid really do taste like fruit loops
  4. Figure out how to remove blood stains from walls without destroying paint or having to repaint
  5. Run Pythagorean W/L records of all MLB Teams
  6. Prank call Tony Larussa
  7. Buy more beer
  8. Put together a list of whose hot and who’s not, write witty comments
  9. Email the senior writers of every major baseball website and tell them they suck.
  10. Write a top 10 prospects list for both teams, explain in depth why each player is on the list
  11. Call John Schuerholz, apologize for the late night phone call, tell him I’m suffering from Tourette’s
  12. Figure out how to write a piece that explains why Alan likes Barry Bonds and thinks everyone else is stupid
  13. Take a bath; you’re starting to smell ‘Gene!

Trust me when I tell you that was a short list. Eventually, the weights of their day jobs and own egos drove them into hiding. It was fun while it lasted.

They’ve achieved some kind of strange underground cult status in Japan, which they will NEVER forget to remind you of, and currently spend their free time in much the same way they did while running the website, which is to say drinking.

That pretty much brings us to here. One third of a once storied troika attempting to spend a little time writing about the Braves and anything else that comes into mind. I’m sure there will be the occasional guest spot from the guys, but for the most part it will just be me having some fun with baseball, and for once, not having to answer any drunken phone calls at 3:00am from someone wondering how to convince information to give them Scott Boros’s unlisted phone number.

Hope you all enjoy.

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