Braves Acquire Michael Bourn for Some Used Kleenex and Bubblegum

Jul 31, 2011 by

The Braves finally pulled the trigger on a deal, and acquired Michael Bourn from the Houston Astros for Jordan Schafer, Juan Abreu, Paul Clemens and Brett Oberholtzer.  It’s certainly not a blockbuster deal, but I like it.  There is definitely some potential ass biting for the Braves, mostly in the form of Schafer, who is only 24 and just a couple of years past being the Braves “Center Fielder of the Future”™.   Oberholtzer has some mid rotation potential, Clemens might make the end of the rotation, or middle reliever status, and Abreu has a nice K rate in the minors and could end up setting up, or closing, for a team like the Astros.  Aside from Schafer, who didn’t do much other than take up space, Abreu probably could have helped the Braves the most this year in the mid relief corps, but overall, the Braves aren’t losing anyone who would help this year or next, and we didn’t have to give up any top prospects.

As far as Bourn goes, I’m kind of excited, cautiously.  Like totally mostly optimistic.  Seriously, Bourn is a nice pick up.  He’s 4th in WAR for CF in the NL with a 3.6, which is a hell of a lot better than McLouth at .3 or Schafer at .7.  He’s also a plus defender (though FanGraphs doesn’t have him as such so far this year, Astros writers over at SB Nation are quite high on him) with two gold gloves to his credit.  His 360 OBP and 39 steals will be a welcome change at the top of the Braves lineup, and while I’m not a big steals guy, I’m pretty excited for a little speed.  The kind that steals bases, not the kind you smoke over tinfoil.  Though, you know… if you’ve got any…

He’s 28, a free agent after 2013, and having the best season of his career, at a time when he should.  It’s not that it’s all downhill from here, but his value isn’t likely to start climbing exponentially.  That being said, he’s a hell of a lot better than anything we’ve had in years, and I welcome him wholeheartedly into the fold.  For a team that’s been scoring by the Home Run this year, we’ve suddenly turned into a singles hitting team, and if that’s how we’re going to roll, I’d like to have someone like Bourn leading the way.

So, welcome Michael Bourn, we’re glad to have you.





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