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Nov 6, 2012 by

When I am faced with uncertainly or just need some advice, I turn to one person.

The Boss.

No matter the situation, Bruce Springsteen puts things in perspective for me.

When I experienced a shitty day at work…I listen to Factory.

When I am trying to understand my father…I listen to Adam Raised a Cain.

When I struggle to express my love for my wife…I listen to If I Should Fall Behind.

When I am feeling sorry for myself…I listen to You’re Missing.

When I think about my two children…I listen to Long Time Comin’.

When I am feeling materialistic…I listen to 57 Channels.

When I need inspiration…I listen to The Rising.

When things are messy and I want to be transported to a simpler time in my life…I listen to Growin’ Up.

When I want someone to come up with silly alternate name for a fastball…I listen to Glory Days.

When I want to remember the importance of my life-long friends…I listen to Blood Brothers.

When I want to bond with my brother…We take a drive and listen to the album Darkness on the Edge of Town.

When I want to hear something beautiful yet powerful…I listen to Clarence’s sax solo on Jungland.

As always, many thanks Boss.


Listen to the song Reason To Believe from the album Nebraska.  The characters Bruce sings about are experiencing their own forms of tragedy or misfortune, however, something deep inside them gives them the fortitude to move on.  The emotion felt is different for each but they do share a common trait of furtherance.

Bind faith is what the song is truly about, but not necessarily from a religious standpoint.  It’s about putting faith in yourself and how to take a step towards growth from each experience.  American’s are struggling with this very concept.   That is the change I hope to witness someday.  This doesn’t come when you cast a vote for someone.

Today we vote.  Tomorrow we wake up.  Situations either negative or positive remain.  You can only control so much; the rest is out of your grasp.  Worry about the things you can affect and then do something about it.  Love and support your family and friends.   Reach out, learn from others unlike you.  Strive for something better when you come upon your darkest time.  Stop waiting, stop listening and stop the crying.  Work independently and then you will see the collaboration.  Embrace your passions.  Show some grit and forget the savior, he’s too busy for you anyway.

Listen to Bruce sometime today and believe in something…anything…yourself.   For me that ability in you is what is great about America.  And nothing more.


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