An Unfinished Work on the Human and the Lack of Being

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Before I begin this article, allow me to rattle off a quick list of the most useless abominations in Western culture:

  1. Classifying people
  2. Media bundling (monopolization)
  3. Capitalism

I promise you this is not the kind of article that drones on and on about how we have failed as a nation and that all what we sought out to become before we landed here on the Mayflower a few centuries ago is now shot to shit.

No, because if I said that, I would have to dismiss all the native people who have been living on this very land since time began who were slaughtered to make way for this poor excuse of an Industrial Revolution.

Not to mention the Africans who were beat shitless and sent here to build this nation through blood, rape and humiliation while so-called God-fearing people sat around and scratched their asses waiting for the next slave auction.

So, I promise you…this is NOT one of those articles.

It’s one of those articles where I talk about sitting under the stars while praying for a solar flare to hit the Earth and knock out the concept of a paid utility for all eternity; so that we may finally pull the geniuses out of the woodwork who got paid off for the rights to their inventions of free energy.

I’m not here to blame the poor inventor. They have probably sacrificed themselves, their life-savings and a lifetime of getting laid to bring forth a new way of living.  To have billions of dollars thrown in their face in the name of keeping the common man a modern slave for as long as they can pay the taxes to keep a roof over their head.

No, this is not an article about utility bills and pay-offs. This is an article about how the sanity of the human race has been wiped clean like a baby’s ass.  Men and women continue to dream about having their cake, while in reality, it is forever locked away behind a case made of unbreakable material, while they wake up every morning and rush to a job that manufactures it. This is the story of a lobotomized society.

Are we doomed to succumb to a way of living that resembles a subliminal holocaust?

I am here to empower you, not only a human being, but as a living, breathing expression of life. We give ourselves too little credit based on what we see as credible in the media. Art no longer imitates life. Sadly it is now life that imitates art.

The meaning of life is to live it as fully, and with as much meaning to you, as possible while you are here. It’s not about what anyone else thinks, or how much money anyone else has. I know it can be difficult under this barrage of artificial stimuli, so please allow me to suggest to you the answer that will help us all overcome the hardships of trying to make it in this heartless society.

The answer is people.

We have become so hard-hearted towards our fellow brothers and sisters of human kind.  Through religion, race, orientation and just plain classification we have almost lost ourselves in the process of our judgment.

A house divided against itself shall not stand, and we as human beings have allowed ourselves to fall for far too long.

I live in the backwoods country, where if you don’t have a car to get around, you’re pretty much fucked. Yesterday, I took a long country walk to the nearest corner store, about two miles away, to pick up some candy for my son to cheer him up after having a bad day at school.  Suddenly it began to rain. Now, mind you, if you’ve never been to the country I assure you there are absolutely no sidewalks whatsoever.

I was literally on the side of the road.

Cars and trucks passed me left and right, as rain poured down in buckets, during that long walk back home. I wanted to stare down each driver that passed, as if to say, “Shame on you, you selfish bastard. To call yourself a human being and not even have the decency to offer a young lady a lift to keep her from walking in the rain.”

Almost a quarter of the way back, I was actually surprised to see a vehicle make a U-turn and offer to give me a lift. He was a foreigner from Ghana.  Apparently he didn’t get the memo that people in this country stopped giving a fuck about each other a long time ago. He couldn’t believe people were this cruel, scared and indifferent to our fellow brothers and sisters. I wanted to disagree with him so badly, but my heart was already broken.

What happened to us?

Can anybody please tell me what’s wrong with humanity and how we can get back together with ourselves again? How did we break up? Is there counseling available?

How many songs can we sing? How many lovers of people have to be martyred? Are we satisfied leaving our children such a heartless wasteland of selfish ideas and fear-based world views?

That is what this is about. Perhaps we can finish it with ideas that can bring us together as a people so we can have a positive future for all of us, not just a few, because as far as I’m concerned it will never be finished until we have a happy ending.

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  1. jan ankerson

    Wow…your article has touched my heart and soul. I promise I will be a lot more kinder and understanding…I will reach out to my brothers and sisters …and if you
    only reached me with your inspiring and honest article…your goal for all of us to live happier ever after has begun. Thank you.

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