2:50 PM April 15th

Apr 16, 2013 by


Darkness fell upon the city. 

The afternoon smiles vanished from faces – never to return.

A man lifted himself from the pavement and continued forward.

A boy waited for his dad to appear at the finish.

Both had something stolen.

The citizenry rushed towards a blood stained sidewalk.

The pain cut deep.

Cries settle permanently within the streets.

Was the intent to divide?

If so, I would bet the opposite.

Anger makes arrangements to visit.

Selflessness and resiliency are longtime residents.

My thoughts are with this old town.

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  1. bob norton

    Very good!

  2. Farrell Norton

    Perfect Eulogy for this sad time

  3. Jan Ankerson

    Thank you Matthew for this special reflection on such a tragic week in Boston….

  4. Cindy

    Beautiful and truely gets the mentality of this city!

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